Symbol of life, energy and spirit. Represents the whole of your being, or source of life and consciousness. To sunbathe means to expose yourself to life-giving energies from within. To drop away morals, opinions, attitudes, as represented by clothes, and allow your energies natural expression. All energy and health, happiness and success.

Or you can have sunburn, or sunstroke, symbolising an exposure to your inner energies before knowing how to cope with them.


-Nadine 2016-01-14 18:16:08

I recently had a dream i was rite infront of the sun, floating before it, I can still hear the flames coming from it, it took up almost all of my visual perspective and it was speaking to me. I can’t remember what it was saying but I thought it important enough to wake my partner to tell him about it. It felt like it was telling me what i had to do but again I’m not sure what it was communicating too me. It felt safe and I held it in high regards.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-20 13:22:41

    Dear Nadine – A wonderful dream which motivates you to share with your partner.
    The mysterious gift from one human to another is often symbolised by a flame or light. We are given a soul by those who share themselves with us; perhaps through their act of accepting us a fellow human. This divine spark, like the flame from another lit candle, becomes ours personally as we live our life. We can pass that gift on to others by letting our light, or flame, fall into their lives. The Christian mystery of baptism is when we are ritually given a name and are accepted as a human person in the society of our birth. Of course this is a formalised dramatization of the mysterious process of passing on the flame of self-awareness – the soul. But the lit candle, lighting others is a beautiful symbol of this. The flame itself may represent the life, the mystery which, although we make it ours by living it, is beyond us, is universal, like the flame that can light a thousand other candles. It remains individual and collective all at the same time.
    Perhaps you feel like exploring the message that was expressed in your dream while you are awake;
    Anna 🙂

-Redwing 2013-11-30 21:26:48

In my dream, I was waiting at my bus stop before going to school. Only thing, it was actually bright outside. Usually when I go to school, it’s dark and the sun is just beginning to rise. This time, it looked like it was about 8 am in the middle of summer. There was no sun to be seen. I looked up and saw two half moons right next to each other.

-Shooting Star Baby 2011-06-18 18:05:13

Since I was young every dream I have had incurring the sun, It feels like the sun is actually on me. This is my most recent dream.

There is a field of sunflowers underneath the sun.

Which I am standing in.

There is a huge pyramid, but, not like an egyptian one. It is one with four sides and stairs. And the higher you climb, the smaller the steps seem.

I stand at the base, i can feel the heat. I look over my shoulder behind me and there is an old woman, she gives off a feeling of cunningness. She dosen’t speak but beckons me to climb the pyramid.

I go up the stairs, I am facing forward. I feel the sun everywhere. The sky is golden.

I reach the top. Which looks like a shrine of some sort . It is an open room with the wind choosing it’s entrance. You could see the sunrise and set through this room, it sort of captures the sun.

I know inside that I would die when I reached the top and descend on the other side of the pyramid to the afterworld.

Sometimes I see this temple and I am sacraficed at the top. My head is cut off and my blood spills down the side of the pyramid where I climbed up.

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