Swimsuit Bikini

Depending on the feelings in the dream it could mean you feel revealed to others in a way that might not be what you would want to appear, or that you are relaxed and open about who you are and feel you are an attractive person. Sometimes this links with how attractive or otherwise you are with a partner.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the suit, and what role or attitudes does it suggest?

What am I doing in the dream in relationship with the suit, what feelings arise in the dream,

And what does this point to in my life?

Am I easy or not in regard to the suit – wither way why do I feel like that?

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-MaryTAlvarez 2016-02-27 5:35:57

Nice tips…Thankx

-Mandy 2014-05-01 5:04:15

What if it is my fiance and another woman wearing the swim suits?

    -StanleyNunez 2016-02-27 4:51:34

    Great ideas…

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