May have phallic meaning as the tail can be raised and lowered it can refer to sexual excitement. However, it could also link with some animals who signal their feelings and response to you with their tail. Dogs and cats for instance raise their tail when ready to greet you and move closer. But some animals such as the lion or bull raise their tail when ready to charge or fight.

The tail can also relate to what you are carrying with you from the past such as your instinctive urges or responses. To understand this you need to understand the animal we carry inside us as the different levels of brain we have, and also the ordinary flight and fight instinct. See Animal.

Idioms: With his tail between his legs; tail wagging the dog; on his tail; piece of tail; pony tail; heads or tails.


-keely 2017-11-11 22:43:55

I dreamt of someone knotting two tails together — the tail of a deer and the tail of a fox. The tails were still attached to their respective bodies. Not much else happened but that, just me watching this occur. I understand the meaning behind both deer and fox, but not so much the tails!

    -keely 2017-11-12 0:20:25

    By the way, the animals were both still alive and they didn’t really seem bothered by this odd tying-together of their tails.

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