Talk Talked Talking

An attempt to be in contact with whatever you are talking to. A sense of communication; an attempt at expressing something important, or at justifying yourself.

Difficulty in speaking, or not speaking: Restrained anger or difficult feelings; anxiety or lack of confidence; absence of real contact or communication. See: Paralysed

Speaking and not being understood: Feeling of not being listened to; frustration.

No one talking to you: Feeling isolated or judged. See: Speech.

Talking in your sleep: Most of us do this at some time, and it is simple an expression of the dream activity breaking through into speech someone else can hear. But some dreamers carry on long conversations a partner sleeping with them can hear. This is probably a form of release of tension or feelings while in the dream state.


-jeff 2012-12-15 6:38:47

I am dreaming of, or hearing a young boy saying in a loud whisper voice( Mom,mom,mom,mom wake up.) or I’m hearing a box scooting across the floor type of noise. It wakes me up and i go looking for it.

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