Also see Adolecence – also this wonderful video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH-BO1rJXbQ

Dead teenager: Hurt feelings of love or wanting to be loved; damaged self esteem or feelings of value in the world. 

Female teenager in a female’s dream: Possibly feelings to do with the process of sexually maturing; competitive feelings in relationship to men; some aspect of your own feelings as a teenager.

Female teenager in dream of female teenager: If this is a known friend, it most likely represents the attitudes and qualities, or lack of them, seen in the friend. In which case the other aspects of the dream describe the part these qualities play in the dreamers life. If it is an imagined female, it usually depicts the dreamer, perhaps in a way she might not usually see herself. Possibly she is enacting the issues of most importance in the dreamers life.

Female teenager: The feeling or emotional side of dreamer rather than the thinking assertive; uncertainty or inexperience in relationships; powerful sexual/romantic attraction or feelings.

Holy youth: The eternal side of your nature, forever young. If a particular/known teenager: Define how you see the character of the teenager and take it to represent those characteristics. If dreamt by a child: Depicts their feelings or assessment of their own future, or ways of meeting future relationships.

If dreamt by adult: Whether the young person is your own child, someone you know, or a stranger, it is often an expression of yourself at that age. Therefore define, perhaps by writing down, what attitudes and feelings were predominant in your own teenage years. Common themes are uncertainty/shyness, inexperience, immaturity; high sexuality, idealism, ambitious hopes and plans for the future; depression; the confidence or strength of youth. You can decide which, if any, of these your dream deals with by defining what feelings are expressed in the dream. For help with this see processing dreams.

Male teenager in dream of male teenager: Possibly represents feelings of competition or aggression with other males, depending on dream content; the qualities depicted by the dream male, and their place in the dreamers life.

Male teenager: Sexual inexperience, social aggressiveness or uncertainty. Oneself at that age if the dreamer is a male. Aspects of relationship not lived out in dreamers teenage if the dreamer is a woman.

Teenager of opposite sex: Feelings of sexual attraction coloured by adolescent vulnerability, idealism or uncertainty; uncertainty or inexperience in relationship; or what you feel about that particular teenager.

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