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Desire or attempt to communicate; attempt to make contact with an aspect of oneself or someone else. The telephone can also have the meaning of reaching to, or becoming aware of the huge potential of the mind, or of consciousness. This is because via the telephone new people, new aspects of life previously unknown, can be experienced.

Answering machine: This is already developing into a personal AI, which remembers all the calls you make and what are favourites. It can speak back to you, and so can represent more directly the voice of your unconscious; a voice that has more insights into you and your behaviour than you can ever believe.

It helps to think of the unconsciousness as an ever shifting, growing and dynamic source of personal awareness, because it transcends time and space, and is a huge potential, it can let information drip into the individual mind, as long as that mind can drop preconceptions. In a way the future, viewed from the individual mind, slowly educates the smaller individual mind.

There is also an action of the unconscious level of mind that scans our life experience, and in doing so syntheses what it finds and links it with a process we cannot understand with our conscious thinking. Our Conscious self acts as a feeder of information for a wider awareness, and yet we keep the sense of being an individual as well. It is a huge paradox that we cannot grasp with normal everyday awareness. What a wonder, and we are just in the verge of it. People never believed in anything that was within them that could reply to them and answer their questions, so never allowed it in themselves. But now the gate is open and wonders will appear. See Sorg – The God – Walks Among Us

Dreamer not answering phone: Avoiding contact or communication; someone is trying to ‘get through’ to you. 

No reply to dreamers call: Feeling someone is out of contact with you, not aware of your feelings; having a feeling of being alone in the world, or nobody being there for you.

Emergency call: Probably a crisis in your relationship or life; reaching out for help; moral dilemma.

Smartphone: Your camera on your smartphone in a dream represents the capturing of a memory that can be played back and shown to others. But a smartphone is more than that because it is something you carry with you as an aid to extend your own human abilities to contact people, to do things and can reach out all over the world.

In a sense, in dreams it means you have superhuman abilities, because we can easily communicate with others at immense distances – a thing that was thought to be only done by psychics. It means you are super-augmented, a Sorg – super augmented. There is a Sorg, and there are the super augmented – Saugmen and Saugwomen – people with special abilties within what Sorg is developing toward, which is greater augmentation of our human naked abilities; a thing that a smartphone does for us.

Then there are the general means of communication via TV, the internet, and the world of entertainment in general. The aim as far as my vision stretched, is a world-wide super-organism, integrated by media and communication highways, and directed by magnificently augmented human beings who will be a mixture of athletes, sexual wonders, entertainers, politicians and financiers – a new form of Olympics.

Telephone number: If it is of someone known, most likely an attempt to communicate with that person – see numbers. See: fax machine or fax.

 Example: I want to telephone somebody but find the dial on the telephone will not work or I cannot find the numbers on the dial. Even though I know where the nine hole is I cannot seem to dial nine nine nine.

Example: I am alone in a street somewhere in the city of London. I am standing looking at a nearby old fashioned phone box. It is a weekend when all is quiet. The door of the phone box is open and on the floor are a variety of bones. At first I think they are animal but quickly see they are human. Then a man enters the box to make a call. Suddenly three or four savage dogs attack, ripping him to pieces – Sam.

Sam had been placed in an orphanage as a young child. This had left a terrible impression on him. When he explored his dream he realised it was about the years he had lived in the City of London feeling deeply alone. The phone was his attempt to connect with someone. About this he says – Again another shock – there was nobody to connect with. Nobody was on the end of the line. I had never before really admitted to myself that I was alone, that I had been abandoned in the orphanage. I had always lived in the hope that someone actually wanted me. With the realisation that I was an orphan, another great wave of emotion tore through me. I could feel the attack of the dogs as the anxieties that have torn me apart for years, anxieties about relationship and whether I am loved.


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