Ten represents a new beginning on a higher level. A fresh start, almost as if from scratch, but all the past experience lies behind us. The seed, falling from the pod, and growing, carries with it the essence of the old plant. So it symbolises reincarnation, the starting again, under the influence of past experience and karma. The astrological sign is Capricorn, the priest or ambassador. It rules the knees and circulation, and the tenth house governs careers and notoriety. See: Numbers.

ten A new beginning; the male and female together – ten to one.

It can also mean matter in harmony – 4 + 6.

Representing the Creator and the creation, 3 + 7, the Trinity resting in the expressed universe.

For Pythagoras, 10 was the symbol of the universe and it also expressed the whole of human knowledge.

Sum of 5 + 5, the number 10 represents the two opposite current directions of the conscience: involution and evolution.

According to H.- P. Blavatsky, the 1 followed by 0 indicates the column and the circle, meaning the principle of the female and male, and this symbol would refer to the Androgyne nature and also to Jehovah, being at the same time male and female.

The zero in the form of circle is a symbol of unit, completing then the meaning of the number 1 to show that the number 10 contains all preceding numbers as a whole contains its parts.

Represent the first couple, the marriage: 1 = the man, 0 the egg fertilized by the 1. The ten gives the indication of a spiritual regression since the marriage is a consequence of the fall of the man.

The number ten is regarded as the most perfect of numbers, because it contains the Unit that did it all, and the zero, symbol of the matter and the Chaos, of which all came out; it then includes in its figure the created and the non-created, the beginning and the end, the power and the force, the life and the nothing.

It represents the straightness in the faith because it is the first number “in extension” (of two digits), just as hundred and thousand, explains Hugues of Saint-Victor.

According to Agrippa, “ten is called the number of all or universal, and the complete number marking the full course of life.” Also he attributes to it a sence of totality, the achievement, the return to the unit after the development of the cycle of the first nine numbers.

Represent the revelation and the Divine Law.

At the Mayas, it represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. The ten was regarded as being the number of the life and the death.

In China, the cross represents the number 10 – as the totality of the numbers.

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-jan 2017-01-22 10:18:57

Thank you dtramef of 10 twice..$10 bill in my brothers hands.

-Hugh Maxwell 2016-09-16 23:54:37

I dreamt that I recieved a check from a woman that I dont know and $10.00 was on. The woman told me that the liked me for a while now.

This meaning of 10 makes a lot of sense and resonated with me for I know what state of my journey I now am.

-Jessica 2016-08-27 20:36:57

Had a dream I had unlocked ability. To move things with my mind. In the dream I was told to rember the number 10.

-kim mcculley 2013-12-12 12:44:29

I had been dreaming about the number ten for two days, and didn’t understand until I read your interpretation of it. but in my dream it did say completion. And I am a Capricorn I see you talked about that sign.

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