The loss of things valued; the perhaps quiet or surreptitious taking of valuable time, energy, love, either by your own carelessness, or through relationship with others. Or perhaps you are taking these from someone else. It may also refer to feelings of resentment or anger.


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-06-03 21:58:08

I had an interesting dream during my nap. I was at my parents house & I remember Some people were outside the house. I was on the 2nd floor when I saw someone go up the stairs, which i thought was my cousin. They came back down & saw me & that’s when I realized they weren’t my cousin. They kept asking me if I drove cause their car had broke down. His friend came up, too & I told them I didn’t drive but I would contact my brother to give them a ride. I then asked them (at this point we were outside of the house watching their sports car get towed) if they had AAA cause they could get a free tow & drive home but they beat around the bush. They went back in my parents house so I followed them. I had a lot of technology out that I didn’t remember having & they were looking at everything closely in the house. At one point the kid handed me my wallet which I knew I had on me so that’s when I realized they were robbing me. My brother came home & they kept saying they were my younger sisters friend, so when my brother dropped them off they insisted she came with but I told them I would be coming along, since my sister said she never met them. Then I looked to my twin sister & said “I know I am dreaming” & she smiled at me. Some guy then jumped off my roof & next to me, he was kinda scraggly looking with a long beard & messy wooly looking hair. He was wearing black & electric blue & I told him I knew they were trying to rob me & he smiled at me & told me I would be alright. He then left & I went with my brother. When we dropped the kid off I used my dream powers & asked that all they take appear in my bag. As we drove off the one kid started saying to the other that everything he took was missing & I smiled as I looked into my bag & saw jewelry from Guatemala & some other small things. Then I was in the city walking around & some lady had this waffle ice cream stand told me to buy something. I bought one & it was a frozen bar of dark chocolate, strawberries, waffle & a frozen raspberry ontop the women brought me over to celebrate something & she pulled out a hand held confetti cannon & shot it off & I started to get really excited. She said I was the 22nd customer & I told her that’s how old I was, too & she said it may seem small but it was very important. Than i woke up.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-04 11:20:48

    Laura – So you learned that nothing can be taken from you unlees you fear it was or actully give it away.

    Of course you dressed it up in multiple dream images which are what you associate with – for people born blind cannot dream with images, but people who went blind after a period of having sight dreamt with images. So they are images and associations you have leanrned, and if you explore the dream images you used and trace them back to their root, you will simply see you are learning slowly to go beyond the images.

    It was a time of celebration. Please read

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