Thinking about people in general, or particularly the people I tried to communicate with through my web site, I want to say to them, “I am standing with you. I am a part of your dreams, your hopes, part of the things you long for. I am with you in that. I love that part of you. I love that dreaming, wonderful, imaginative, loving part of you. That’s what I hope this web site is about.

It’s about your life, your babies, the way you love – everything that is precious in human life. It is about life death and the hereafter. It is about how precious you and I are to life itself. With the eyes and ears, fingers and arms, the curiosity and creativity of life itself. We are what reaches out, longs for change and experiences the wonderful tragedy of today.

You and I are the experience of all what happens. We are the hope of struggle for something better, the dismay the sense of failure, and the wonder of learning how to move beyond our own limitations. We are the hearts that feel the pain of failure. The hands the arms that reach out for something else. Let us do that, however uncomfortable it may be. Let us reach out for all that we want, for what we can create. What we long for and move toward and what life brings about because we are life.

And when we reach out for the new, when we long for something better, when we live what we can of it, it becomes a huge power transforming the world. What we are reaching out for is usually a better life for ourselves and those around us and who we love.

People only trust each other when they themselves have a sense of dignity and the recognition of the need for each other and their part in the whole. It rests upon the realisation that as individuals we are not lost in the immensity of the world, our society, or of the universe. It is because we ourselves are unique, and have special features, perceptions, talents that no one else has in quite the same way.

What we have been left by our forebears gives us a very particular relationship with others and with the whole. Our forebears struggled to achieve, struggled to survive, in some way, however small, left a mark in the world. They have left us, apart from the immense structure of society, the technical information, the great wisdom, they have also left us a lot of shit. But that is part of our work today, to clear it, to use it as fertiliser. Even so there is a great deal of silver and gold for us to claim. Let us develop that.

Without fear, let us stand before life and say this is what I want. Let your life be a statement, an expression of what you feel passionate about. Recognise what it is that you’re ready to stand for. In doing so you will come to recognise your spirit, and perhaps the spirit of your family. For your family is part of the huge odyssey the human race has made from its beginnings. Feel pride in the fact that you’re ancestors survived a most incredible journey. No matter what you are left with, however impoverished you may feel, you are part of the human odyssey, and you too can take steps forward. For life is a huge theatre of possibilities.

If we too can survive our own personal odyssey, pick ourselves up in failure, faced the trials of existence and bring to them the spirit of life that has brought our forebears this far, then we bring a gift to the world and meaning to our own life. If we can in any small way reach out and touch another human being, give them love, a bit of compassion or support, then we have added a treasure to our own life and to theirs. And if we lift ourselves above that again, that is a beautiful thing. Then you become a seer, and elder of your family, of your tribe. Then I give you the splendid feathers for that honour.

Being an elder means that you have managed to find a stance in life in which your sympathies linked beyond your own kin, your interests spread beyond your own personal family and of race.

Let it be noted here, that this day, consciousness took flight.


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