Thoughts and Words

If you think about a friend, ask yourself, ‘Is this thought my friend?’ If you have feelings about the friend, ask yourself, “Are these feelings an actual representation of my friend?” No, they are not, but are simply your own thoughts and feelings. You cannot conjure your friend into existence by thinking about him or her. Thoughts and emotions are copies of things, just as a photo is a copy of something. They are never the people or things they attempt to copy. They are never reality.

So PLEASE remember this when you build your opinion of yourself with thoughts or emotions.

Words are what we usually build our thoughts with, but is the word BIRD ever a reality? Or your thoughts about failure, success or in fact anything, are they the REALITY of YOU.

At the other end of our waking awareness is an ocean of consciousness that does not have a focussed sense of self. This ocean of consciousness that is at the core of your being is what has been called many names. As you learn to enter more fully into your dreams you will gradually realise that your real self isn’t the body with a gender of male or female, but a shape shifter. You also will have learned how to dive under the surface of your conscious personality and realise that there is a huge and wonderful world often called the unconscious. It is actually awareness of Life, and in it you can become a bodiless consciousness, or be an animal, or know the wonder of animal consciousness.

But words are also wonderful, because they are ways we can communicate in a small way with another being in a body, another person. Such ability to think in and use words is incredibly important. The wider self in which our personality is enfolded in does not think in such local and body sense ways, so our personal learning is so important.

An example of this a dreamer wrote that she wants to change the way she reacts to scary things in her dreams. She had read on this site that nothing can hurt you in your dream – transforming one’s inner dream world. She felt that it is almost impossible to influence the unconscious so felt stuck.

The next communication she sent said that she was amazed because she had actually been unafraid in her dreams. The point I want to make is that having read that you need not be afraid in your dreams, the message was now a part of her unconscious.

We are not alone in the conscious world; we are always enfolded. But the tragedy is that what we believe in our conscious personality builds brick walls that we cannot get through – unless we have new information that challenges our present beliefs – you cannot be hurt in your dreams – unless you run in fear of the scary images your mind harbours.

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