Tie (clothes)

This is usually about a formal or more conservative or conformist attitude or feelings. The tie can also link with organisations or past ‘ties’ you had with university or the armed services, and what you carry from that or feel about it.

Sometimes the tie represent maleness or a the sexual drive/penis.

If a woman dreams of buying a man a tie it shows her entering a relationship with him – tying the knot so to speak.

Problems fixing a tie in a man’s dream might suggest lack of male ability or even impotence.

But the tie can suggest any of the ways we use it in speech as shown by the following:

Idiom: Tied to mother’s apron strings; tie up loose ends; tie one on; sacred ties; matrimonial ties; ties of friendship/honour/family; karmic tie; tying the threads together; the bonds that tie you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In which way is the tie presented in the dream – relationship, past connections, sexual – and what does that point to about myself?

Is this a tie I recognise, and if so what are my associations with it?

What do I feel about the tie?

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