Time of Day

The passage of time in our life; our age; our sense of ease or pressure. There are certain times of day that we have deeply ingrained habitual responses to  – such as morning coffee is for some people, lunchtime, time to go to work or end it. So time in a dream might refer to one of those things for you.

Daylight hours: Our conscious waking life; our area of choice and ability to make decisions. Most dreams deal only with one day.

Where several days pass in the same dream, or even longer periods: The dream is expressing periods of change; different stages of growth in one’s life; or very different conditions through which one has lived or might live. To understand these try using Being the Person or Thing

Being late: Feeling we have left something too late or we have missed out on something; realising we have not acted quickly enough to avert a situation; avoidance of responsibility.

Afternoon and evening: The end of life; middle or old age; the more subtle feeling areas of experience or relationship, period of relaxation.

Hours of the day: May refer to age; period of life, twelve noon being mid life; something that happens at that time of the day; 11 may be eleventh hour. See: Numbers.

Midday or noon: Mid life; fully awake as opposed to the unconscious; activity or work projects.

Morning: Our youth or the first part of our life; energy; enthusiasm.

Night: Night can be so many things these have to be illustrated by examples. In the first example below the night depicts feelings of relaxation, pleasure, and sexual encounter. This aspect of night also suggests feeling the absence of the workaday world; time for reflection and being by oneself; intimacy with others; introspection.

Night in the second example shows a period of difficult change in the dreamer’s life. It represents a period of darkness or depression; loneliness; difficulties; sometimes negative feelings about old age and death.

In the third example Sam is experiencing areas of his unconscious or unknown self, thus the secrecy, as he probably has hidden something from himself. This aspect of night suggests turning our attention inwards to an extent where we discover insights, memories or mysteries which were previously unknown to us. These can be painful areas of our experience, or very positive and life enhancing realisations. It depicts the times in life when feelings arise from within when we are alone, or in a receptive mood – or go in search of who we are.

 Example: ‘Three of us were on our way to a lively night out and I suggested a short cut through RichmondPark.’ Jasmine C.

Example: ‘It was a very dark night with thunder and lightning, heavy rain and high winds. I am in a waiting room at Heathrow airport.’ Mrs W.

Example: ‘I was creeping through a field at night. In darkness I and others were trying to accomplish some secret act, rather as spies or underground agents might. I also remember another where I was near a house at night. There was some special reason for getting to the house. Again an ‘agent’ sort of feeling.’ Sam K.

Idioms: It’s about time; all in good time; at one time; do time; for the time being; half the time; gain time; have no time for someone; lean times; time after time; time flies; behind the times; big time. See: dark; light; sun.


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