The passage of time in our life; our age; our sense of ease or pressure. There are certain times of day that we have deeply ingrained habitual responses to – such as morning coffee is for some people, lunchtime, time to go to work or end it. So time in a dream might refer to one of those things for you. See time of day

Idioms: It’s about time; all in good time; at one time; do time; for the time being; half the time; gain time; have no time for someone; lean times; time after time; time flies; behind the times; big time.


-kurt 2014-12-15 2:29:00

Drempt I told people the world was going to end in 15 minutes. They thought I was joking,I said I’m not joking. There was a lot to this dream. One scene I was writing my name and a ex girlfriends name too.

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