Feelings or insights about death; fears we face when beginning the meeting with contents of our own unconscious; unconscious family influences; the denial or killing of our own needs and feelings, leaving us feeling dead or only half living our life; burial of our past, past love, past hopes and dreams, or feelings of guilt. ***Tomb as womb, and as a house of the ancestors.

If Bodies in tomb: Our own potential; aspects of self which ‘died’ in the past, or were buried, perhaps by the immediate needs of bringing up children, or some other aspect of outer life.

If trapped in tomb: Illustrates a withdrawn or autistic aspect of self – a part trapped by fears or pain; how we bury our living potential by withdrawing from difficulty, pain, or LIFE. See: grave; cemetery.

Tombstone: Memory of something that has died in you. A marker for a past hurt or trauma. A tombstone for love you killed out and the pain it caused.

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