Either your attitudes that keep you separate and aloof from people, means of protecting yourself from human contact or conflict, or a way of standing above events and getting a wider view of them.

Something we have built or created in our life. As such it can be an outer achievement or erection of inner attitudes such as defensiveness, isolation, insularity, or an attempt to reach the heights of awareness or recognition.

Also it can be male sexuality and drive which may not be expressed satisfactorily, and thus be the source of aggression toward females and society. This also has the elements of insularity and defense.

Occasionally: Heightened awareness, as in the lighthouse dream of Priestley in the entry Religion and Dreams.

Sometimes it is similar to attic as it hold the unusual. See attic

Example: ‘The devil was trying to force me to make love to a girl. I wanted to leap off the tower and fly away, but it was high, and I was frightened I would fall.’ Quentin C.

Quentin is fifteen and facing his emerging drive of love and sex. The woman in the tower is his idealised relationship with the opposite sex. Actual intimacy is threatening and he wants to ‘fly’ from it but feels this would be failure. The Devil is his own life pushing to grow, but felt as threatening.


-ivan 2016-07-16 16:34:12

i had a dream where I was playing a game where i was tyr the god of justice and in the dream i was chasing ares the god of war everywhere to kill him , but for some reason i was destroying the tower that was helping me and after that i was attacking everything and everyone without caring for who was in my side or not, and i just stop attacking when i saw a happy baby(i have no idea who he was). and about the game i dont care about it anymore. i know it sounds silly to think that a dream about a game could mean something but i decided to share just to confirm.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-19 10:10:05

    Dear Ivan – What we do in our dream game will indicate how we are playing the ‘game’ of life. We may be playing recklessly, by the rules, skilfully, caringly etc. These indications can be seen as comments on our real life activities;
    What I see reflected in your dream is that at first you are in conflict with your own offensive behaviour; “I was chasing Ares the god of war everywhere to kill him.”
    While you discover your own offensiveness you realise that you do not need to be defensive anymore; “for some reason I was destroying the tower that was helping me.”
    It may be interesting to explore what your dream figure feels when the tower is destroyed;
    “Offensive behaviour stems from confidence and provocation while defensive behaviour draws from mainly fear and self-preservation. A person’s offensive behaviour might be done on purpose (depending on the situation) while defensive behaviour is purely an instinctive response. Offensive behaviour is often characterized by: aggression, territorialism, confidence, a quick loss of temper, indifference to others, and other offensive behavioural traits.”
    Quoted from
    A happy baby reflects the birth of a “happy new you” (yes, men can give birth to dream babies too); in your dream you managed to leave your inner tower behind and you have explored your offensive side.
    Good for you!!
    It may need some refinement though 😉 “after that I was attacking everything and everyone without caring for who was in my side or not.”
    Anna 🙂

-Alenka 2015-07-05 21:05:09

Dear Tony, here are my yesterday dreams about tower:

I fond myself in a company of many men. (I am single for 7 years now.) The place looked as a free time resort, with lots of table tenis, water wells (nature). There was one man that approached me in a seducing manner, but I didn’t really like him. Then there was this G. (Gregor that is my child love (fair hair, blue eyes) that I keep dreaming occasionally even though I haven’t seen him for 20 years. He is my animus.) G. told me that he wanted to be with me. And I asked him: “What about a girl that you are with and your child, will you leave them?” He looked at me in deep pain, eyes at the verge of tears. Then a went at the margin of a building. What had looked previousely as a nature and free time resort, was at the top of a tower. The brick floor somehow slipped down the tower (rectangular tower, made of old reddish bricks) and I found myself hanging at about half height, in the air, and jumped down. Nothing happened to me. When I looked upstairs, I saw all these men behind what was now revealed as fences. They tried to save themselves from what was revealed to be a prison.” I suspect that this dream is in some connection to my animus. Have freed my animus? I had this dream after experiencing a period of deep sadness of being left alone – by my father. I am speaking about Oedipus complex. The same sadness appeared each time (only in a lesser degree) each time I was left by a partner or wished to be partner. What do you think?

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