Tramp or Dropout

The ignored or little expressed side of you, or at times a part yourself you feel threatened by. Some tramp dreams indicate the ‘yes but’ syndrome – I would make an effort in life BUT I’m broke, people put me down, others are against me, I come from a broken home – I’ve had a hard time in life – life owes me a living – feeling. It expresses the attitudes, fears and excuses we make that paralyse you and lead to missing life’s opportunity to realise who you are and flower as a person. So, the dropout can be the unacceptable parts of you and others that is held back and so depicted as a ragged, unsociable person. If an attempt is made to find ways to express or accept these repressed parts of self, then the beggar or tramp changes in subsequent dreams, and develops positive and useful characteristics.  See Avoid Being Victims

In a woman’s dream: May refer to the negative feelings and thoughts connected with your urge toward personal identity and success – feelings and attitudes such as ‘a woman can’t make it in the world’, ‘it’s a man’s world’, ‘my husband puts me down’. But the tramp in your dream can also indicate unconscious fears or even fantasies about your own desires, sexuality and potential. We sometimes fear failure and meet such fear in the dropout.

Of course, in a woman’s dream it can represent her fear of being approached by men, so it may indicate her feelings about men in general. In London one day walking along a road with many people a woman stopped her car to ask the way. She had a map on her lap and her window was opened, so saying that I could show her the way on her map I leaned in her window. Her shock was awful; she almost leapt out of her car. I had witnessed such extreme fear in other women, probably caused by past experience.


-marian gartland 2013-03-29 21:23:08

i had a dream last night a tramp came into my home and tried to touch me and i tried to scream but my scream would not come out!!

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