The riches of your core self – the wonder, wisdom or value of your life in its wholeness. The treasure is often something we have had to face difficulties to gain, such as personal achievement, mature love, self-realisation, wholeness, so something that is enormously valuable in bringing you wholeness and health – such as a balancing of dry intellectual achievement with deeply felt love, or an introverted personality with outward activity.

There are enormous treasures to be found in the tools that enable one to mine the treasures from one’s inner life of dreams. But foremost among them is the jewels of understanding garnered in the past and that of insight into one’s personal psychological history and personal traumas. This I believe is unique to our times, and not fully appreciated generally. From this new skill a way is being developed to integrate the many aspects of one’s own multifaceted being. See Tools 

Because we tend to avoid anything that is frightening or ‘dark’, we have a shadow side of us that is ‘out of sight’ our awareness, but this aspect of us also holds in it great treasure through its connection with our unconscious potential. In fact, a great deal of our energy is involved in our ‘negatives’. When we meet our shadow or our fears, we are enormously more energised in the sense of being more wholehearted in expressing oneself creatively. Also, we are meeting the shadow and unfolding the possibilities held unexpressed is our life’s work. Without it we may never become the mature and full person we are capable of being. As Prospero says to Caliban, we need to say, ‘This thing of darkness I acknowledge as mine’.

Example: She began spilling tears which became a steady stream running down her cheeks. And she began to talk of the overwhelming love she was feeling as she was sobbing. The people with her listened as she described the wonder of being in the presence of a warm Light where she felt so loved, so clean, so treasured. I remember the awe that all of us had in the room. She said, “I am in the hugeness of space and am filled with love”.

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