Trousers Pants

Very frequently they depict your sexual feelings, your desires, or what you may be hiding of yourself. See: Clothes

Maleness, authority, male attitudes or style of behaviour. They can also point to a form of  protection or socialised sexuality.  With some trousers we can carry things, and the front pockets are near the sexual organs, so anything in them can in some way link with sexual feelings or needs. But lacking trousers might also link with having lost wallet, money, or keys – so a loss of personal power and confidence.

The colour is important so see colours for other possibilities.

As with tights, many dreams mention them either being on or off. This is sometimes about remaining socially acceptable with trousers on, or more revealed as to what you really feel, or being ready for a sexual encounter with them off. Trousers off also shows you feeling or having less protection in regard to your legs – your confidence and strength – or your genitals – your sexual and intimate feelings and power to bring forth a creation. No trousers reveals whether you are really a man/woman or not.

In the English language UK, pants refer to underpants. See underpants

Jeans: This often suggests an attitude of casualness, or relaxed social situation. This also depends on the condition of the jeans.

If you only wore jeans at a certain period of your life then they indicate that time, and what you felt an confronted then.

Example: I dreamt I was looking at and trying on an old pair of jeans. They were quite worn and had some holes in. As I put them on I wondered why I was wearing them as I had stopped wearing jeans when I was much younger, and it was a phase of my life I didn’t want to return to. Zeb.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If you still wear jeans, ask yourself what situations you wear them in, and what this means to you?

Are the jeans ones from the past, old ones or new ones? If from the past or old remember when you wore them, and what memories are connected with them. If new ones what feelings are connected with them?

What is activity or feelings are connected with the jeans in the dream?

New trousers: A new stance or form of work or play.

Old trousers: A way of expressing yourself or feeling confident that you have used for a long time – or if the dream shows them as worn out, that you need to change.

Trousers relating to role – i.e. soldier, pilot, etc: These intimate your feelings about the role shown. As these are very variable you need to explore your associations. See Associations Working With

Woman in trousers: Feeling confident in the world and with men. Taking a more male role and not being as submissive sexually.

Idioms: Wears the trousers; with their trousers/pants down; beat the pants off; by the seat of your pants; get into her pants/knickers; piss your pants.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are the pants on or off, and what is being done or felt that I can associate with?

What quality of trousers are they, and what does that say about my attitudes, confidence, or masculinity?

Am I being protected or revealed by the trousers – if protected, from what – if revealed what is revealed?

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