Urine Urinate

This could point to release of tension, letting go of restrained feelings, or release of sexual feelings. Sometimes, if this is not your urine, it could be about other people’s sexual attitudes – or their negative sexual attitudes. Urine can also symbolise sexual feelings, or experiences in the womb.

On a positive not urinating has classically been linked with the flow of life through you. See the Manneken Pis of Brussels. Dreams in which we try to go to the toilet but it is mysteriously locked, unavailable or closed, may be due to the need to pee during the night.


-julie 2013-03-22 6:05:06

I dreamt of my deceased dog, who was very important to me and who played a key role in opening my heart. In the dream, I was standing (or sitting) near a tree, when I notice a dog grasping the trunk of the tree between all four legs and straining to urinate. I noticed it was wearing a red color and that caused me to realize that it was my dog, who I knew in the dream was dead. This was odd because in real life it was my dog’s sister who wore a red color, but nonetheless, in this dream, the collar caused me to recognize Murphy. As I realized who he was, I put my arms around him, both to support him and help him down and to hug him because I loved him very much and was happy to see him. As I hugged him, I thought, “This is real; this isn’t a dream — it’s really real.” And that was the end of the dream. If you can offer any insight on this odd little dream, I’d appreciate hearing them.

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