This might be an attempt to escape from your difficulties or internal pains. But many dreams in which the person enters a wonderland are about finding their way to their own innate blissful self, an experience of their own wholeness.

Example: At first, I saw the image of a huge cathedral or church with a magnificent domed roof and I knew that I was in the house of God. I felt the utopia, I felt like I have never felt before, so very good, so excellent. I knew all things; I didn’t have to read the bible or any kind of teachings because the answers are all here in the presence of God. With each energy release the feeling was greater than all things, above all feelings, not sexual but immense and fantastic.

According to Plato, “In a utopia there is always a contrast, or a dilemma, between individual needs and public and social needs. It is this dilemma which often is a stimulus for looking into the future, in terms of opposition to the present”.

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