This might be illustrating what feelings or thoughts you use, or can use, to deal with negative influences in your life. See: Syringe.

Ideas or feelings received from someone else – depending upon how you feel in the dream. What has been received can aid in meeting negative influences in life and the influence of other people in your life. The meaning may be similar to injection and suggest sexual intercourse. See: Injection. 

It is also possible that you have injected into yourself poisonous emotions – such as fear, hatred, malice, wanting to kill or even jealousy.  Also, a snake bit is like an injection of your poisonous emotions – either self-inflicted or from another person. For instance, if we feel anger for another person it can actually create poisons in our system.

Example: It seems as if someone has been injecting malicious talk or ideas into you, and you could feel it. Such ideas are poisonous if taken seriously, but quite harmless if you see where the poison is coming from and why they are doing it. It is usually a person who wants what you have or is dangerous. So, look around and see where the poison is coming from.

There are also other ways people can inject us. See Autonomous Complex  

Example: I had two very powerful examples of this and their power. My wife and I were visiting my wife’s sister and her husband. Her husband’s brother visited and sat and talked to us and afterwards I felt strangely ill at ease. Being able to ask my unconscious – inner self – for help I was shown that in fact the brother had wanted to ‘have’ my wife and wanted me out of the way. He had said things to me that didn’t seem bad, but the hidden feelings in his words had caused me to react badly. When he came again, I was watching and listening for any signs. He immediately said, “What is that silly hat you are wearing”? A simple enough remark, except I recognised it was his way of making me look stupid in my wife’s eyes.

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