Volcano Eruption

A breaking into awareness of urges, fears, terrors, or even insights that may have been repressed and in releasing are seeking to be dealt with and healed. Basically a healing process, but it can be disturbing.

Your being, as when you eat something poisonous, tries to get rid of irritating or harmful past experiences or feelings. It does this by pushing them to the surface, and for a while, as when we vomit, we feel ill at ease. But if we can allow it the sense of being healed is enormous. Dreams express this action with images such as boils, eruptions as with a volcano, or sometimes an explosion. See: Conflict; Emotions.

If sex is linked with difficult or painful emotions the eruption might depict the release of sexual pressure or ejaculation.

An eruption is something that comes from a deep level and usually forces through to consciousness. Eruption can be in dreams such as a nightmare, or movements or emotions or even speech that we feel do not come from us. Even so this is usually because we are so out of touch with the life process in us that we feel scared of it. Sometimes the eruption is in the form of what is usually called hallucinations. This usually is taken as scary or false images we see while awake, but in fact is the breaking through of the dream process. It is often because we are – as already said – so out of touch with the life process in us, that our inner process takes this extraordinary way of trying to get out attention. See NightmaresReaction to the unconsciousHallucinations

Example: A number of us, soldiers, were moving up to the battlefront. We had to climb over a pile of rubble, like a wall, and ran across open ground. There was a great fear of being shot down as we came into the open. This did not happen, and once passed the obstacle I felt it was actually a sort of training circuit getting us used to battle conditions. We moved on into the fighting. A volcanic type of eruption from the bowels of the earth spewed up a prehistoric monster. There was a lot more, but cannot clearly remember.

The dream came just before the man was able to allow a deeply buried childhood trauma to emerge. The prehistoric creature was a release of a power that was the means of releasing such ancient and trapped emotions.

A volcano is a symbol of great importance, for it portrays the immense power of natural forces in the world and in our own body. Dreaming of being near one is about being near to this tremendous energy you have within you. If you are scared it shows you are too scared to handle it well; if you are treating it as a great and even magical power, then you are in touch with its wonder.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was erupting, a volcano, emotions or words?

Did any strong feelings emerge – if so what were they?

Was there fear of what was happening?

What is pressing for release or expression in me at the moment?

Is there something that is bursting through my usually reserves or inhibitions?

What do I feel I am ready to erupt about?

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