Similar to money, but may have more of a leaning toward power, or being in power, social effectiveness or ability to survive socially. The wallet is often used to denote your sense of self-worth and value, thus related to your identity, or how you see yourself. It is worth imaging how you would feel without your wallet, as this indicates what it means to you. Mostly it is felt to be your power to operate socially and do or get what you wish. See: Money.

Example: I had a young puppy dog. It was full of life and exuberance. I came in and found it had got hold of my wallet and chewed it so badly there was only a shred of my wallet and American Express card left. I was so angry I punched the dog hard several times, but couldn’t feel satisfied. Cliff.

Cliff explored his feelings and associations regarding the dream and realised that because he was hoping to semi-retire on income from investments which he was enthusiastic about – the puppy dog – but the investments had dropped in value because of a falling market, his enthusiasm had taken a beating. In fact, he had begun to feel he must struggle on to survive financially again. 

Example: While we were heading towards the movie area to pay, I suddenly decided to contribute half.  I felt good about doing this and looked in my wallet beforehand just to make certain I had plenty–I did; I was flush with cash.  I knew I was, but I just wanted to know it was right where I put it.  Still safely in my wallet.

Well, I announce that I’ll pay my way, and wouldn’t you know when I reach for the money in my wallet, it isn’t there.  Just a few bills, maybe a $5 note.  Not enough.  Where did all the rest of the money go?  I rifle through my wallet again, and again, searching.  Where could it have gone?  Did it slip into a pocket or crevice?  Is it really there, but I just am unable to see it?  Baffled

A lost or mislaid wallet usually indicates that the dreamer is uncertain or not sure of their personal standing socially or in a relationship. Also may be the dreamer is not confident about facing people in social situations.

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