Your weight, or the weight of something else, can suggest seriousness, a sense of a burden or responsibility, its importance or even personal power.

Example: Again, she was like a child, an Oriental child, full of wonder at what it had seen. I had mentioned earlier what I thought brought this experience to people, and I asked her what had happened.

She looked at me quickly. Her eyes were very brown, but quite round. “I was very much in love with somebody.” Her eyes were wide open looking at me, and her mouth was trying to carry on speaking, but the weight of emotion behind what she wanted to say carried the words to her eyes, where they began to come out as tears.

Example: Everything, houses, trees, even people, looked as if they were but hints of shape and depth upon this wonderful golden yellow, all formed out of the same substance, with but hints of difference. As I looked, I rose high into the sky and looked down at the landscape. Doing so I began to lose myself in its beauty. But suddenly I was shot by a man on the ground who thought I was a strange bird. I fell but managed to slow my fall by forming my body into an arch. I landed near the man with the rifle and could not move. The man was terrified of what he had done, and wanted to run away, or to shoot me and finish me off. He was in a terrible state of conflict, between running away and shooting me. My calling him to help only made it worse. A man and a doctor came to me and carried me to the wall of the nearby house. The doctor attended my two wounds, one in the left bicep, and one in the right side of the chest, by the ribs. The two men spoke to each other as if I could not understand. They said, “What a beautiful specimen he is,” referring to my body. The other said, “Yes, he has the shape, but don’t you think he lacks sufficient weight?”

I feel the weight referred to in this dream was not simply the weight of his body but the weight or power of him. Considering he had lost himself in the beauty of the countryside, you could say he was ‘off with the fairies’ in his mind and needed a more down-to-earth attitude – more weight.

Weight of someone on you: Feeling they are being too dependent or a burden in your life.

Your weight: In western Europe and the USA enormous number of people are very overweight. Some are so aware of this it becomes a sickness. If your dreams point to this in any way see Fasting and Dreams – Practical Techniques to explore them

Idioms: Carry weight; pull your weight; throw your weight around; worth your weight in gold. See: FatPerson.

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