Winning Money

Many of us have the desire to have more ability to get what we want, and this can often produce a dream of winning a lot of money. Usually there is no fulfilment of these dream, but those dreamers who take it seriously can often produce results. The following examples show how you need to be sure of yourself, that you are a winner.

I remember from -my experiences as an eleven-year old that I won at games and contests when I had a clear sense I would win; you might say when I had an aura of –‘Winning’. My dreams offered me this perspective too.

On waking I stretched my new title to Catalytic Betting and Wining. Then I practised, made bets, won and lost, honing my re-emerging skills. My dreams voiced their approval: From that rebirth comes the decision not just to win, but to take responsibility for being a winner. Having won, there is no longer any challenge — except that my prize has also become my responsibility.

It seems that having the sense of being a winner is vital. The next examples are all from Shirley G. a well known media cook.  Because of space, only three of the dreams are quoted.

‘I set out to dream the winner of a horse race each day for a week.

  1. Was driving down a country road and suddenly saw a glimpse of Emmerdale Farm down a side road. Following day: chosen horse ‘Emmerdale Farm’ came in first.
  2. Was working in a room when a man popped his head around the door and shouted excitedly ‘John, John, your uncle’s here’ and disappeared. I carried on working. Chosen horse: Uncle John. Came in first.
  3. Was walking down a road, called into a house by a friend to have a chat. On the way out she opened the door and I saw a completely empty room except for a huge black fireplace. Door closed and I left the house. Chosen horse: Black Fire – which I insisted would only be placed – due to ‘fireplace’. Came in 2nd.’


-David garrison 2016-12-03 11:56:41

I had a lucid dream with my late mother two years ago and we were going over two or more lottery tickets and indeed I (we) won vast amounts if wealth…incredible money. Much richer than anyone
in my wealthy family- I am still in some debt- but the feeling in the dream was joy..incredible relief…the load of struggle was wiped away…with Mom and I standing and beginning the celebration. I have dreams with the dearly departed in my family and many lucid interpersonal dreams…but this dream mentioned a certain phrase relating to the numbers we were looking at.. seeking some clarity on what this ‘contact ‘ dream means and yes..I am pretty lucky across my near 53 years. Thank you david

-Virginia Noto 2016-04-02 18:29:11

I have your paperback Dream Dictionary from the 1990s and now I have found your website. Thank you for your generosity and knowledge.

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