Wise Man

Sometimes this is a disguised image of the way you feel about your father. It can also show how you are relating to your core self and what you are getting or learning from it. We each have a ‘wise man’ in us. Part of our mental functioning is to bring together and learn from all our life experience. The results of this learning are frequently expressed by an old or wise man or woman in our dreams. See Core Self

‘I was standing on a cliff top overlooking the ocean. By my side was a man. He had short cropped silver hair, gleaming, and piercing blue eyes. He seemed old, but was broad, muscular and gave me the impression of having lived many lifetimes, or being very wise. He indicated the sea and I understood I should plunge into it. I did so, leaving my body behind, and became a part of the ocean. At the same time it seemed I could at any time stand beside the man on the cliff again.’ Debbie.

In Debbie’s dream the cliff is also the edge between life and death; between fear of death and exuberance of life; between being trapped in the concept of oneself as simply a physical form, and the freedom of realising oneself as naked consciousness. Her inner wisdom shows her these great life lessons. See Guru  

An experience Jung had when communicating with an Indian versed in yoga:

‘You don’t mean the commentator on the Vedas who died centuries ago?’ I asked. 

‘Yes, I mean him he said, to my amazement. 

‘Then you are referring to a spirit?’ I asked. 

‘Of course it was his spirit,’ he agreed. 

At that moment I thought of Philemon. (Jung’s ghostly companion.)

‘There arc ghostly gurus too,’ he added. ‘Most people have living gurus. But there always some who have a spirit for teacher’

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