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In general, wood represents ideas, opinions, habits, that have become a fixed part of your nature. Just as the tree is originally green and supple but becomes hard and fixed as solid wood, so our opinions and attitudes, as they develop, are first pliable, then often become rigid. In which case, unless these habits and ideas allow for further growth, the life principle which ever seeks further development, is either repressed, or leaves the old wood to rot. Thus, an old dying tree trunk symbolises parts of self no longer capable of adapting to incoming ideas and experiences. Cutting up wood, building new things with it, is to use old ideas in new ways, and so on.

However, a wood, or collection of trees, has quite a different significance. In folklore and myth, the symbol is used a great deal. Dante, at the beginning of his great poem, says he is lost in a wood. Here it represents not only what has grown in your life and is established, but also what is natural and unconscious. So the wood can represent relaxation, or a journey into yourself. See: Tree; Forest.

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