Work Clothes

Denotes something you are working at or giving effort to. This is usually to do with changes you are making, either in yourself or outer life.  This only seldom relates to the actual work you do. The work clothes might also portray the attitudes you have about making changes, or giving effort to projects or relationships.

Overalls: Most often suggest that you are or are about to work on a personal situation. Can also mean protection from things you are involved with. If it is another person in overalls, says that this is often a capable person, or in the USA maybe a hick who always dresses like that.

Example: Just my wife and I are on holiday in England. We are walking along the banks of a canal. Suddenly I lose my wife. Just as I am giving up finding her she turns up dressed in tatty old clothes holding an armful of garments, telling me she has brought me some clothes for work. I am apprehensive lest this is a bad omen on our twenty year marriage.

The suggestion in the example is that there is some problem in the marriage and it needs working on.

Example: I dreamt I was sitting up on a big machine or mechanism, partly outdoors. I think I had got to it by going to the top of a huge sprawling building. As I sat I saw an elderly man swim up from the depths of a pool 15 feet across. It seemed very deep. The man had working clothes on, but appeared completely at home in the water. For some reason I didn’t want him to see me. I believe I was anxious about whether I ought to be there. He didn’t see me and walked off. I felt he actually lived in the water and was going about some task. He didn’t see me and walked off. I felt he actually lived in the water and was going about some task. As he walked past another pool he lovingly and playfully skittered in the shallows. Then I started the mechanism working. I thought it was a huge clock works, and it was very rusty. Huge cannonball – like spheres rolled down a chute as part of the function. At first the machine made a terrible noise, and again I felt anxiety about doing what I was doing. I thought the lawyers would wake or disturb the people in the building. But as the man on it, it seemed to itself adjust and began to run smoothly. I felt it was going to run better and better. David.

David explored his dream and arrived at the following insights:

The building is my body and its many functions – I feel that strongly. The man is me – who loves dipping into that deep pool of consciousness, sharing in, working with, the process of life. I get so much joy, wisdom and satisfaction from that. Trying to understand my dreams is part of that. The machine is a function of releasing, restoring and producing energy. It is the self-regulating energy function that has never really been working in me properly. The anxiety I feel is that which I feel about releasing sexual energy. I’m frightened it will upset or disturb the rest of the body. Those thoughts have been on my mind a lot yesterday and today. The misery I have felt through feeling collapsed after sex – the agony of feeling inadequate, the anxiety of repeating the situation over and over, is a source of great misery and anxiety. The dream suggests that through my own activity I have started this function working. The balls, my testicles, are to release and produce energy. It is a cycle of release, that leads to producing the next level of energy. I hardly dared hope there is truth in this. (Later it became a reality for David).

Useful Questions and Hints:

What work is being done, and what does that represent in my life?

Have I got a constructive attitude to what needs to be done?

Are there changes I am making in my life?

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