Whether we are aware of it or not, when we write our whole body takes on a certain posture, and a mood or emotion may be present as we write. Our age and state of health, as they underlie our movements, also express in the subtle actions of writing. Therefore the marks we have made on paper are the result of what is going on in our body and mind at the time of writing. See Schermann

This is about communication or thinking about something and sorting out or defining your ideas and decisions, and leaving your mark in life. If you are writing it shows you expressing your inner feelings and ideas, perhaps revealing or clarifying who you are and your personal history. It may at times be a creative act expressing what is an expression of something greater than your conscious self. Ask yourself what is being communicated or shown to others.

Expressing inner self. Clarifying feelings, materialising or recording them and thus making the inner feelings more defined, definite, less vague.

What someone you know has written: What you feel about them and their influence in your life and mind; or your intuitions about them.

Autograph: See: Autograph.

Looking at writing: This might show you learning something about that person, or defining your feelings or intuitions about them. See Intuition – Using It



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