The tiny ideas or inner forces, that can ferment in the being. and change the whole life.

Ideas or intangible influences which can yet change ones life or situation. An increase in your affairs that is subtle in its action.

There is a power or action within us that may often feel like a divine process that acts like the yeast in the dream below. The effect of it can be very subtle or dramatic and it always seems to act upon us in a way people cannot see yet its effects are obvious. See Opening to Life

A rather shadowy man gave me a leather pull-string purse or pouch. In the pouch was powder that the man suggested I pour onto my rather stained trousers. Immediately the powder started working like yeast, cleansing and purifying my trousers in a spreading action. I knew that this yeast, or pollen, had also penetrated my body, and was gradually working through me, purifying and healing. – Adrian.

Yeast infection: For over a year after I had an operation that required follow-up care with antibiotics, I suffered from a chronic vaginal yeast infection, which wouldn’t respond to prescribed medicinal treatment. Someone suggested taking Folic Acid. I read something about this remedy in Adelle Davis’s Let’s Get Well, and began to take Folic Acid in large doses. In a couple of days, I developed strange cramps. Then I had a dream, in which I was in the kitchen moving bowls and bowls of “acid” around, wondering what to do with it all. In another part of the dream, I handed a raggedy kitten some brown bread, with yeast and strawberries in it, and the kitten gobbled it up. Reflecting on this dream, I wondered if the bowls of acid referred to my taking too much Folic Acid, and if perhaps the kitten, who had come to represent for me my physical health, really wanted yeast. So I stopped taking Folic Acid, and began to take yeast tablets. My cramps disappeared right away, and in a few days, the yeast infection had all but cleared up. Since then I’ve read a lot more about such things as bacteria, antibiotics, infections, yeast, Folic Acid, and soon, and I’ve learned that my situation was more complicated than I initially suspected. I don’t mean to imply that I found a perfect cure, but I do believe that once I made an effort to heal myself, my dream came to guide me in a better direction.

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