You Me Ego

You are the great theme of your dreams. You are the mystery your dreams explore and reveal. As you will gradually discover if you take the journey into yourself, you are much more than you thought you were. You are not simply a person who was born to certain people and now lives in a particular country. The threads that are woven together to form you are drawn from ancient times. Your attitudes, language, thoughts and responses are inherited from great and ignoble people who lived long ago. Ancestors

Perhaps you will modify those impulses and concepts. Perhaps you will add to them. But your life does not escape them. The tree of your life has its roots not only in the genetic material passed to you by your parents.

In a real way your experience of life and being you is a grand experiment and exploration. You are probably not aware of it, but you already have gone through unbelievable evolutionary changes, but our education and beliefs have covered it up. For example it is now known that in the womb we start off at the very primitive level of cellular production. Then our forming body goes through a fish stage and has gills. Slowly it moves toward an air breathing body. And all these evolutionary changes leave their mark, for we have at least four levels of brain – the spinal – the reptilian – the mammalian and then the human. So your background of experience that is unconscious unless you delve into yourself, hold all of life and millions of years of experience.

So you, the little you that you call yourself, is a tiny fragment of awareness which is like a small hand that unknowingly is linked with a vast body, and all it is aware of is what it can sense with its physical senses. And so it gratefully touches and senses things, and other hands pass on the things they sense to each other. But only very few of them realise that they have a vast potential in the great body. Those who have no awareness of this believed that there is no such thing and tend to tell everyone to face facts – these being what you can see and hear and touch. Those that have become in some way aware of the enormity they are often at first scared of it, or say that there is a great being outside of them they must worship or be afraid of in case they do things It does not like. Just realising this can set a seed that might grow into further insight. See Meeting yourselfLife’s Little SecretsReaction to the unconscious.

Your life is more than a day. It is more than a year. It includes a thousand hopes, countless pleasures, and pains beyond memory. Your life is not even your own, but a vast wonderful weaving of many others into your being. Even the animals and landscapes, the houses you have loved or feared are intricately a part of you. So, shall a painting capture you, or words, or a photograph tell all that you are?

 Example: I am experiencing an enormous tension throughout my body. I am allowing the tension to wrack me and begin to see what is causing it. It seems to have developed in my childhood. I, like most youngsters, didn’t have it explained to me what the rules of the game of life are; what the social and biological expectations, regulations, drives and urges are and how to work with them. But we are supposed to get it RIGHT. If you do get this amazingly complex apparatus of life right, then the bells ring and you are rewarded. Then you climb the social and biological ladder of success. But if you press the wrong buttons you slip down the snakes, not up the ladders, as in the game. As I begin to understand this my tension starts to melt. I am not wrong, I am just learning! ATC

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