Numbers can have a personal or symbolic significance. For instance we may have had three children, so the number three in a dream could be connected with your feelings or fears about them – but three has generally been seen as the troublesome triangle in love, or the child, mother, father threesome. So a number may refer to a particular year of ones life; the number of a house; the months or years that have passed since an important event; your family group – or have a general significance such as indicated in language – i.e. three’s a crowd; seventh heaven; nine days wonder, etc.

In particular zero indicates female qualities or the womb. It depicts, because of it apparent absence, the unconscious, or the absolute or hidden. Its shape – 0 – also gives it the meaning of completeness. In a sense nothing can represent everything, because a thing can be seen, whereas everything can never be a thing so cannot be seen so is invisible – no-thing.

The circle or zero also represents the most profound aspect of human nature and the cosmos, that of the hidden, the invisible within all phenomena. It is the silence or void in which all feeling, thought, sound exist – the space between the notes of music that allows the heard. It is the nothingness that essentially allows existence. It is nothing, that is because it remains undefined, can express as everything. See: Numbers – Abyss Black Hole

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