Zombie Zombies

This is about something you sense in yourself or others that is moved by other than human and conscious motives. It is like being asleep and sleep walking, there is no sense of any response there. Or at least they are moved by urges that control them and they are controlled by. This is something like we meet when we see people moved by habits, by propaganda, by religious bigotry or political brain-washing.

In a sense we are all zombies, or have a part of us that is a zombie. It is because we are all programmed and what we do is not from our real selves. If you find it difficult to believe read Programmed and childhood


A friend had recently visited my wife and I, and had asked if the house was haunted. A couple of nights later I dreamt that my wife was asleep beside me and I was sitting up in bed with my friend’s words in mind. So I challenged any such ghost to show themselves, feeling I could handle them. Nothing happened so I lay down thinking I had solved the problem – there were no ghosts.

Quite soon afterwards, still dreaming, the sound of a door creaking open made me sit up. Then from behind me two black men who looked as if they had risen out of a grave with flesh peeling off them approached me. I quickly made the sign of the cross and said some holy words and the figures disappeared.

I lay back again thinking it was a good thing I knew how to get rid of them. But as soon as I settled to sleep again the door creaked open and the two figures appeared once more. This time all my hand waving and words had no effect on their advance, and their hands closed around my throat and I woke screaming in terror.

Yes they were zombies of the worse kind. My wife, feeling my fear, got up and we switched on all the lights.


That was about 1958, and as I knew nothing about exploring dreams I did nothing about it. But soon afterwards I started practicing yoga. I realise looking back that it was the pranayama, the breathing control and fasting that were part of what worked and helped me to meet what was behind the nightmare. I could see that each of these were ways of struggling with my instinctive drives.

I had repressed my sexual feelings so severely, that for eight of my teenage years and early twenties, I had no sexual release at all. I had killed and buried my youthful feelings and they had rotted inside me. Now in my early twenties, not knowing how to love – just having sex without any love – I had called up the terrible things I had created. That is what zombies are – the life in us that has been crucified. There are plenty around, and coming alive again was extremely difficult.

But a view given by depth psychology is: A television play by Rod Serling on “Twilight Zone” featured ghostly creatures from outer space who invaded the minds of their vic­tims and forced them to act as agents. The horror of the piece was not based on the fictional situation. It symbolized in explicit terms what happens to us daily. Our minds are invaded and have been invaded all our lives by other individuals and groups. We are made zombies by the black magic of psychic manipulation. We accuse Com­munist countries of brainwashing and yet practice it daily, hourly, with equally effective and devious means.

As most modern critics agree, national and international propa­ganda through mass communication strikes a serious blow at the intel­lectual range and freedom of individual opinion. But this is only the latest refinement of a situation long established. The battle for control of men’s minds has simply moved into the larger, more complex pat­terns of power. Primary groups have always had more direct means, equally effective. The smallest pioneer town probably enforced more conformity of thought and behavior than any government not entirely totalitarian can ever achieve. Here, at the direct interpersonal level, the real battle is fought.


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