Akashic Records

The word akasha refers to an Eastern concept that there is an aspect of nature which records all experience. In this universal recording of all human life and cosmic events, it is stated that one can find detailed insight of such things as past lives, the great dramas of history, and the emergence of the cosmos.

In the West, Jung’s description of the collective unconscious has similarities with the akashic records. Also the metaphysical theory of the Cosmic Mind or cosmic consciousness. Many instances of people being able to access the akashic records or cosmic mind have been recorded.

An example of a dream that could suggest akashic records is seen in the following dream.

Was exploring a very old and abandoned house with a friend Les, and I think, another shadowy figure. We looked through and came to a room with a baby grand piano in it. I lifted the lid and the whole top flapped open as one piece, revealing it to be an enormous gramophone. I saw one of the giant records for it, about a yard across. The record was titled “Cheiro”. I put it on and Cheiro talked, but I cannot remember what he said, as I was looking through the other records behind the piano. Les said he was going to clean up, or polish up and rejuvenate the record player.

The fact that the records were so large and their link with Cheiro, who was a famous seer, links them with something more that ordinary memories. See: Cayce, Edgar; collective unconscious; Akashic Records.

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