Archetype of the Alchemist

The archetype of the alchemist is similar to that of the magician, wizard or even scientist. As with any archetype the alchemist depicts processes or forces within you, and with the alchemist it is about transformation. A negative aspect of this is the sense of superiority that possesses some people, leading them to a conviction they are in control of the forces of nature and can manifest magical powers or perform miracles at will. Sometimes, to achieve a result, the person operating under this archetype will use trickery, lies and threats or pressure, as with those who subtly pressurise others to do their bidding.

The positive influence of this archetype is in the release of a patient and persevering attempt to investigate and understand the unconscious processes of life and thereby, through meeting ones own inner and external processes, to arrive at transformation.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I have met this archetype in my dreams, what have I learned from it about transformation?
Do I deal with some relationships by feeling superior to others?
Do I feel I have magic powers that other’s do not possess?

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