Archetype of the Nun and Monk

In some ways this is similar to the ascetic archetype, but it more directly deals with the impulse in human beings to either seek meaning, to find what is at their core, the ground of being, or what is culturally called God, or perhaps to avoid or live away from everyday human activities.

The nun or monk can depict the focussing of ones energies toward self searching, toward a wider awareness, what is generally called the spiritual path. But it sometimes reveals a drive in oneself toward flight from the pain in dealing with the normal sexual drives, relationship and survival in the economic and social whirlpool of life. See: archetype  of the ascetic above.

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Useful Questions and Hints:

How do I relate to this archetypal influence?

Do I seek refuge from everyday life and relationships, or am I asking the grand question – Who am I?

Have I grown beyond sexual and worldly needs in some degree, or am I avoiding them because I am afraid or hurt by them?

Can I identify with the monk?

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-dean 2011-03-09 17:05:19

how remarkable to have myself describe so succinctly & so fully

    -Tony Crisp 2011-03-17 12:07:41

    Thanks Dean.


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