Archetype of the Queen

Most often, dreaming about a queen has to do with personal needs or feelings, often about your mother, public acknowledgment or love. See: queen.

But the archetype of the queen also represents womanhood and the power of your femininity. The queen example in active imagination gives an excellent sense of this wonderful power of deep womanhood. Many women have not connected with this amazing sense of their own power, and of course, even if they have, it can be negative or positive.

The positive power of this archetype is to give you an awareness of your own authority as a woman. From this strength you can support and aid others. You can be a strong mother figure, whether that is as a parent or in a business, in which you oversee in an experienced and mature way what is happening to your employees, and if they are running your business well. Like the queen bee, your influence touches all around you in an integrating way. It brings a sense of cooperation and cohesion where there might otherwise be conflict and disorder.

The negative aspect of the queen archetype is shown in Lewis Carol’s depiction of the queen in Alice in wonderland. She is dominating, ruthless, given to emotional hysteria and moods, needing everyone to placate her and obey. If not, off with their head! Other fiction such as Snow White also depict this self centred queen who is dominated by her need to remain sexually attractive and the ruler of men’s hearts. See: king under archetypes.

Useful questions are:

Which facet of this queen archetype do I feel relates to my mother?

Do I feel that to get what I need in life I have to be dominating or cuttingly critical?

As a man, what facet of womanhood do I attract or relate to? As a woman what of this queen archetype is active on me?

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