Black Magic, Evil and Dreams

Although thorough investigation of claimed injury or death attributed to black magic has shown the real cause to be malicious aggression or murder, scientific research into the deaths of people who were said to have died as the result of a curse or a voodoo ritual, has shown the victims to have died of fear.

Death through fear is fairly common, and is reported by some doctors in connection with surgical operations, especially in the past. In 1887 Dr. Crile had watched helpless as his friend, William Lyndman died of shock after amputation of both legs. My uncle also died of the shock of losing his arm. My uncle, like William had lost little blood, and no vital organs were injured. Crile went on to develop anaesthesia and blood transfusion to counteract death through shock. But some forms of shock appeared to be outside any physical cause. In 1898 Crile was on an army transporter off Cuba and examined a young officer who was delirious with fear due to facing his first battle. He was as deep in shock as if his legs had been crushed by a wagon as William Lyndman’s had. This led Crile to become interested in exopthalmic goitre, an illness which produces a similar type of anxiety condition. Despite the use of anaesthetics, no one had successfully operated on such a goitre condition. Every patient died. Crile discovered why when he attempted such an operation in 1905.

While under anaesthesia the patients heart rate rose to 218 and the body temperature rose to a dangerous level. Despite no physical injury or infection, the patient died that night with a temperature of 109.6 F. Crile realised from his previous observations that it was fear which had killed the patient. Therefore he told his next patient, a young woman who needed the goitre operation, that he was going to give her a simple inhalation treatment. When she breathed in the anaesthetic, she therefore thought she was having a ‘treatment’ not an operation. She was the first person to survive the operation for exopthalmic goitre. Crile called it “stealing the goitre”, and was so impressed by the influence of emotion on the body he constantly stressed the importance of self control, and taught that calmness is strength.

Crile’s experience illustrates what can occur through threat of a curse or black magic. In our dreams we often portray something we deeply fear as an evil influence or person, or as an awful monster or ghost. Such fears usually relate to our own urges, such as anger or sexuality, but can be about any urge or thought that we have been led to feel is not permissible, or downright evil. A demonic figure or environment might also be connected with very early babyhood experiences. The pain of birth is often depicted as hell or demonic influence in our dream symbolism. On exploring dreams that have a very evident evil force or devil in them, what is discovered is that the ‘evil’ is actually the person’s own repressed or hurt sexuality or urges. See: evil; witchcraft; The Con About Evil.

Because the unconscious will use any belief system or cultural symbols we have absorbed to express a theme, the powerful images of witches or evil characters we see on films or in fiction are often used to depict important experiences. For example a dream in which a spell or curse is placed on one can portray the influence a painful experience has left on ones emotions. If you had been deeply hurt while in your mother’s arms, your unconscious would equate pain with being held close by a woman. This ‘cross wiring’ of associations could meaningfully be portrayed as a ‘spell’ which makes one feel frightened in the apparently loving situation. See Victims; Dream Like a Computer Game; spell.


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I had a dream only last night and I think it might mean something.

In the dream I and a few other unknown people were in a house that was exactly like my house but not in the same place. I was trying to call my mum on her cellphone (the phone I was using was red and a big old fashion one on the table) but when I tried her home phone I got different people, they said they were the survivors and they were coming to get me and the other people. For some reason me and the other people thought they were bad. The next minute in my dream we were some where dark and at a warehouse kinda. And the survivors were dragging us along, and with them for some weird reason were vampires. We got in the warehouse and I saw my best friend. Next minute we are playing this game and there are probably hundreds of people and they are on escalators and one at a time my best friend choose someone to die. For some reason I thought I was going to die first, but I didnt to my relief, I was crying by the way. We are allowed to have objections for whenever someone was picked to die. I objected and ask why we were doing this and that it isn’t right. Now this is the scary part, I walked up to my best friend and she is one step higher than me. She looks me straight in the eye and says ‘I put a curse on you’. Now know she’s starting magic in real life, I don’t know if this is true or not, after she says that in my dream, my dream stops.

If you could tell me anything about this please do.

-Bat Zona 2011-05-12 19:56:55

How can I remove a BLACK MAGIC spell??


    -Tony Crisp 2011-05-19 10:42:45

    Bat – You cannot remove it because it isn’t there.

    Let me explain. Somewhere a thought entered you that you had been the victim of a black magic spell. Maybe it was something someone said, or a sign put somewhere, but it got into you and it grew. But without the thought, the word or the sign there is no spell. The sign or the thought are a suggestion, a trigger for the doubts and thought of evil in you.

    Steve Biko said that “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

    You are being oppressed by your own belief in black magic. Read the cases of voodoo and see for yourself. The one who is said to be capable of evil puts a suggestion in the mind of the subject. Their fear does all the work for them. Cast out fear.

    The Aboriginal ‘bone pointing’ curse can apparently cause death for the selected victim. But an interesting true story is as follows. An Australian Aboriginal man was carried into a hospital apparently dying. He could hardly breathe. He managed to mutter that he had been cursed by the bone pointing, and he would die. The curse apparently caused a huge snake to crush the man’s chest.

    The doctor, who knew how such things worked, said to the dying man, “White mans magic is stronger than black fellows magic.” And he rushed out of the room and came back with a glass of foaming and bubbling liquid – which was Andrews Liver Salts, a popular laxative. The Aborigine drank this and immediately began to feel better, and fully recovered. All that had been done was to remove one belief and replaced it with another. So be careful what you believe.


-lilieth green 2010-12-26 16:45:34

i need help from you i want to learn black magic please tell me more about black magic thank you

    -Tony Crisp 2011-01-03 15:08:16

    Lillieth – The real magic comes from understanding how Life works. Through learning just a little of that I have a comfortable house to live in, a loving partner, enough money for my needs, and work that satisfies myself and others.

    Black magic doesn’t have any power except that of fear. But unfortunately what you put into life you get out of it. When you plant an onion a lily never grows. So see the feature Black Magic.


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