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While staying in London with one of my sons I had the following strange dream and experience. In the dream I was a young man living in Italy. The surroundings gave me the impression of it being during a period several hundred years ago. I was walking through the streets of a town. As I did so I was thinking about the liver disease I had and about my plans to move to another town where a learned doctor lived that specialised in liver complaints. I wanted to not only be his patient but also his student, to learn what he knew about liver illnesses.

As I walked I started to sing Ave Maria – I believe it is Gounod’s version. My singing was beautiful, exhibiting wonderful voice control and expression of emotion. I am not sure of the sequence of this but there was a building I was looking at. People wanted to have the building restored but could not raise the money. So I had painted a huge mural on the building depicting scaffolding covering the house. This attracted public attention and interest in the house, and so money was raised. I realised that I was not just an artist but also an architect and musician.

It was on this thought, and with Ave Maria still sounding its lovely quality that I realised I was dreaming and became awake enough to observe and think about what was happening. I realised that as a musician I had very great ability as a composer, and decided to compose an ‘Ode to Mozart’. No sooner had I decided this than the music poured through my consciousness. So much so I heard it as if listening to an orchestra or record. The music soared and moved in a wonderful expression of human vision and transcendence. As this occurred I could observe the process of creativity or composition, which was spontaneous to an extraordinary degree. It appeared that by asking for or seeking the composition I had opened a window in my mind. Through it I could observe a huge and unlimited sea of mind or consciousness. In it was all that has ever existed, merged and yet distinct. Every human talent and thought was in it alive and vital. My ‘Ode to Mozart’ drew on this unfathomed depth of being. I knew as I observed this that the music itself, although precise and clear and Mozart’s own work, proclaimed the human ability to leap beyond boundaries into this immense and apparently limitless world of experience – to allow the mind to soar and fly, to move beyond its own conceptions and rejoice.

I wanted to test this amazing ability and asked the huge mind how I could compose ‘modern’ music. What followed was like being instructed. The thoughts arose as if I were being told, that music was a reflection of basic life processes. Using the example of a simple life form in the beginning of evolution, such as a single celled creature or a crystal, this was like one note sounding over and over. After doing this over and over for infinite repetition, the process of life stumbles upon or manages a slight change in itself. This is when the single celled creature develops other attributes and moves toward multiplicity of cells. This would be like the playing of different notes over and over. Then maybe another basic process has learned to play three different notes, and if these two meet they play a more complex music together.

To this meeting was added theme upon theme until an orchestral music was built up, and I was told, “This is your body, with its many different processes playing together.” Or it could be likened to society in which so many opposing ‘themes’ in the end form a whole.


-Cathy Dodd 2016-08-25 13:10:13

I dreamt about my ex-husband hor several months after he passed. However I didn’t know it at the time of me dreaming- he had passed away. I had been divorced from him for over 25 yrs. Without any contact with him or his family, then found out just recently that both him and his father died within 3 mnths of each other. Not sure how to take tjis, because its not the first time this has happened.

-alakdana 2015-06-14 2:31:43

last night i dream that I move into a new house. On the right side was a hospital. On the left side was a school. But i got a problem entering the house because the dead people from the hospital uses my house as an exit to bring them to funeral. Then as i got a chance to entering my house. i saw a mirror and there was satan reflection and was smilling at me.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-15 11:22:26

    Dear Alakdana – Moving into a new house can either refer to a radical change in the way your attitudes and feelings create a sense of the world around you, or that you are in process of being changed by circumstances and events, and therefore deal with the difficulties or excitement/plans in facing the change. Certainly it reflects some sort of personal change, most likely to do with the way you live your life.
    The school can represent habits of behaviour or feeling reactions developed during those years – puberty occurs at this time, and confronts you with many new feelings, choices and drives, and that was a part of your ‘schooling’.
    See also
    There can also be ‘higher learning’ and this is not about maths and language, but about life skills, about love and how you connect with your own wholeness and potential, and the universe in which you are intricately embedded.
    The hospital represents needing or being involved in a healing process of body or mind. Healing also signifies change, so the hospital may also mean the difficulties met in making changes.
    The death people from the hospital I see in this context as the letting go of a painful past, of the old you” – a courageous and wonderful step toward inner healing and growth – and when these “inner layers” are removed, you are able to enter into a new relationship with yourself.
    See also
    You are then capable of facing yourself in a mirror and unfortunately you do not reveal if you like what you saw; “there was Satan reflection and was smiling at me”.
    Your IP number shows that you live in Manila and in order to get a perhaps different understanding of “Satan” please search the web (Google) using the words “meeting a Filipino Satanist Vince Golango” which will lead you to an interesting article.
    See also
    Generally in dreams Satan is a symbol of the power of material values in life. Also the things in life we have to explore and learn to manage, such as anger, sex desires, ambitions, fear, worries, for without awareness they can lead us contrary to our innate nature.
    See also
    This is an important dream; it reflects a wonderful part of your inner healing and growth process, so please explore this dream yourself too by using
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Justin 2012-07-21 19:34:32

I just woke up crying my eyes out. I had a dream that my grandma that passed away this year was alive with me in church burying my mother she is only 41 turning 42 this year. We were also there praying for my grandpa who is alive still, but in my dream he was dead also. I don’t know what to make of all this, please help!

-sara 2011-04-07 18:39:56

thanks so much for your reply! when my bed starts being shaked i feel very scared and sometimes annyoed i remeber going toward the end of my bed swiming my arms trying to hit whatever is doing it when i am being pulled i feel very scared like i have no control i remeber saying stuff like i love you god and there has been family there when iam being pulled telling me its okay but i can tell there scared to i have been pulled off of my bed and towrds the hallway i remeber going to my childs room to keep her safe , i do always get put down before the dream ends it usually only last 1 min sometimes 2 , i havent had a dream like this in aabout a month and half thank goodness i have burned sage in my home jsut incase it was something other me but i am starting to think it was just me in my head and me feeding my fear more..i feel very eary about death i understand it i have had a few clsoe people die before but this friend died by taking their own life so iam confussed about it and i worry for my friend soemtimes so that may be it

    -sara 2011-04-08 7:28:13

    (sry for these long msgs) to sume it all up my close friend commented sucide and it was the last thing i would have ever thought happned after my friend past i have been having dreams about her the first one it was like i saw my friend above my bed kinda towards the side when i went to hug her i started being pulled but i didnt see if it was my friend or not. after that dream i dream that i seen them alone ina field with her head down and my other friend saying do not go near her shes bad dont go, another shes alone agin then sees me starts chasing then turns evil and bites someone then all the sudden iam in a video game ,lots of the dreams where i am being shaking theres no story line to them its like iam sleeping in my dream then all of sudden i am half awake being shook i go to the end of bed and swing my arms tring to hit whatever it is shaking the bed, i kno one dream i am being pulled towards my hallway n my friend is saying its okay and iam saying i love you god i have always been put down eventually i havent dreamed these ina while thanks goodness but what did they i know i have been worryied about my friend even after her death but i do feel better now and i ahevtn dreamed like that for a bit

      -Tony Crisp 2011-04-13 13:13:49

      Sara – When we dream we create a wall-to-wall virtual reality – only it feels very real. We create it out of all our fears, beliefs, love, hopes and worries. It is like a strong energy flows through us, our life energy, the creative force, and it passes through our mind and all it holds – fears, memories, hopes, trauma, and it projects this out into the space of our mind in images and action. So when you are dreaming it all is a real experience, but not the same as waking.

      Maybe you felt that because your friend committed suicide she would be in a bad state. Or maybe you felt something of her condition. Whatever the truth is, you can change it by sending her love and support. Love is the strongest force for change in the inner world of our dreams.


      -Tony Crisp 2011-04-15 9:15:21

      Sara – I believe your friend turns evil because you feel and believe something evil is happening to you.

      As I explained, the force that moves you is not evil, but unfortunately in today’s world people are taught that such things are not real, and films depict it as evil.

      As I see it you have a gift that if you felt okay about it and allowed it to happen without fear it will grow you, open you like a flower. Your gift is that you have Life flowing in you to a greater degree that most people, so they do not feel moved by it. Don’t worry that you do not understand it. It will educate you as it flows, so you will become more than you are at the moment. That is what I meant by the flower.


    -Tony Crisp 2011-04-13 12:49:24

    Sara – Of course you feel scared if nothing like this has happened to you before. In her book The Gift Mia Dolan explains her own experience of shaking.

    In the early hours of the morning, as I lay beside my husband Andy, our bed began to tremble. A gentle, persistent tremor running along the mattress and through my body. I sat up and looked around the bedroom. The curtains were partially drawn and, through the crack between them, I could see out into the night. 2 a.m. I turned on the lamp and lit a cigarette. I opened my book but I could not read. This had happened before and the tremors were occurring more frequently and with increasing power.

    I put my cigarettes and lighter beside me on top of the duvet and picked up my book. The bed trembled again and then slowly, rhythmically, the cigarettes and lighter moved across the bed and onto the floor.

    I was going mad.

    No, she wasn’t going mad, she was experiencing the first stages of a massive inner change. She was developing an inner vision. That doesn’t mean that is what is happening to you, but you cannot wake up in the strange world of sleep without it having some effect.

    In my own experience I called it vibrations and had many experiences of it – “Recently my body has been vibrating strongly during sleep. I have felt the flow of this current of vibration through my being more consciously than before. That is, even in waking I have been aware of it.”

    It is not dangerous and can even be healing as long as you do not fear it. And do not forget that we often feel we are dying when something so powerful happens. Here is my description of my own terror:

    When I was eighteen and living in German, I was woken from sleep one summer evening by a sensation of rushing upward in darkness and a release from pressure. When I could see, I was looking down on my sleeping body and experienced terror because something was happening to me I had no explanation for. Then suddenly I realised I had read that some people experience leaving their sleeping body. That is what was happening to me. I had left my body behind and was still conscious and independent of it. The terror disappeared and I found myself curled up with my arms around my knees, flying over the countryside, still light because of the summer evening. But suddenly I was in my home in London, standing behind our couch. I felt more awake than I had ever been before in my life, was amazed at what was happening. I seemed as solid as ever, despite having no physical body. My mother was sitting knitting, alone except for our Alsatian dog asleep in front of the gas fire. I was so excited I called to my mother, “Look what’s happening mum.” She paused for a moment but carried on knitting. This puzzled me as I seemed completely solid and real to myself and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see me. So I shouted to attract her attention. She carried on knitting, but as I shouted the dog heard me, awoke and came bounding to me, barking and howling to see me. I later found out my mother had been alone that evening, and the dog had suddenly rushed to the back of the settee barking and howling.

    And do not worry about death. there are lots of loving people taking care of her.


-sara 2011-03-29 20:38:38

i keep having dreams that my dear friend who past come back to earth only he is evil and sometimes when i go to hug him i feel like iam shaking or being pulled, but other times when i see him we i have a good conversation with them and tell them i miss this person, and sometimes my friend is standing alone in quite open space with their head down what does this mean ,its starting to scare me at times

    -sara 2011-03-29 20:43:21

    also when i see my friend alone i know hes evil and i should not go near them but i want to ,in one dream i was being chased by my friend then they got up to someone and like bit them ..and i was trying to get away then all of sudden i was in a video game and pause and shut it off. and one dream another one of friends that are alive me and her saw my friend and my friend was alone in a field with their head down i wanted to go see them by my alive friend said no u cant do not go near them…what do all these mean?!

      -Tony Crisp 2011-04-06 11:50:47

      Sara – As an afterthought, I think this is your first meeting with death as an adult, and you find it disturbing and evil. I guess this might be due to the awful fantasies they put in horror films about death. Believe me, death is not an evil influence; nor are the dead. The only evil is what we believe or think of it.


    -Tony Crisp 2011-04-06 10:38:41

    Sara – This is a difficult one to find a meaning for because the way you use the word evil.

    I have seen people who are shaking – because of a wonderful flow of life – call it evil. And other times they are resisting something or an influence that is good, but call it evil. So I would need to know why you were shaking and what you felt, and also where you were being pulled.

    Also, what do you feel about death, because that would shape your dream enormously.


      -sara 2011-04-07 18:45:54

      also i was shaking because something was shaking my bed was like iam sleep then all of the sudden being shook..but i do think your right the movies now a days dont help , and iam sure it was just me agin feeding my fear by thinking of it just a little to much

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