Dream Interpretation Example 3

Story of Reincarnation

Before I went to sleep that night I focused on the question -Who am I, really?

The dream was vivid, and still gives me shivers to this day. I dreamed that I looked up and there was this incredible star that was emanating points of light in the sky. It got brighter and brighter and the bottom-most point reached down to where I was and transported me up to the star. The points of light came out from the centre in all directions, and I found myself on the end of one of the horizontal points. A wonderful (female) voice spoke to me and said this is who you are, and I had the strong sense of being located at the end of the horizontal light bar. Then she said and this is who you are and carried (transported in some way) me to the next bar of light, where I saw another version (incarnation?) of myself (in a different time and place, although I knew that the essence of this version of me was really me)

She continued transporting me from bar to bar where I experienced myself in many different versions in the past, present, and future. I had different skills and interests that were the focal point of each version of myself–a musician in one, a farmer in another. Some of the versions were females, although I experienced the same sense of self in all of them. Then she returned me to the horizontal bar of my current self and said to me that all of this is who I am, but that now she was going to show me who I really am. Then she drew me into the centre of the star (light, energy source) where I merged with her and could see each of the emanating points of light as manifestations of a single source or spirit.

It was one of the most incredible feelings of being integrated and whole that I’ve ever experienced, and I basked in the feeling for awhile just absorbing and soaking it in. Then she returned me to myself (with a cosmic wink) and I slept peacefully for the rest of the night. Ever since then I haven’t felt the need to ask who or what I am, and I’ve seen my various abilities and struggles in life in a totally new way. C.A.


-Tanu Jain 2015-01-26 19:21:14

I have seen strange dream yesterday night (Early Morning time)Something which suddenly strike me tonight, when I am feeling sleepy. I have seen that I was with one married couple, one child and mother, me and my mom, we were travelling in a car. Lady who had child of around 4 years old, stood from her seat and there I have seen something crawling wrapped in white cloth. It was about to fall, I have handled that, then my hand felt touch of something newborn. I have unwrapped it and saw baby animal of something skin of wild mouse but very smooth skin and mouth as squirrel with long nose as pipe. This dream is bothering me after whole day has spent, moreover my hands can still feel that touch. What could be meaning of this dream.

-Stephanie 2012-03-21 3:41:39

I keep dreaming that I’m trying to save a variety of animals (some that don’t necessarily exist- small furry unidentifiable) all small and vulnerable, some with babies that need looking after. They all have different needs and in my dream I’m trying to give them all what they need, keep them safe and alive but sometimes I fail. For instance I’ll accidentally drop one or it’ll get squished while I’m trying to tend to another, and there’s q feeling of such loss and helpless desperation. What does it mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-21 11:10:57

    Stephanie – This is a wonderful dream, and you have found something in your dreams that is very deep and special. It is difficult to put into words, but I will try.

    In some way you have become partly conscious – in the imagery of your dream – of the mystery of life and death. You have dropped into an influence that is life itself working in your body – a usually unconscious working – and if you could feel it consciously you would know what a wonder you are, and what it means to be given life. Yet you felt it partly through feeling such loss and helplessness.

    And of course they all had separate needs, because they were all the tiny living things in your body, the cells, each with their own tiny needs and lives. Most people are totally unconscious of the wonder and tragedy of this level of our being, for millions die every day as they bring their babies to you. If you bring yourself to your dream and feel this you will understand.

    But you can help them, and of course yourself, by loving them and offering them and yourself to Life in its majesty of creation and destruction. In that way you and they, carried as we all are in the amazing river if life, will be blessed and know that the body of them is not the life that is forever. They will know through the love you felt for them that the flame of life carries on, though it leaves shells behind. See: http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/religion-and-dreams/#Godshill


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