Example 12

A way of finding out what your dream means by using the questions included in some dictionary entries.


Hi Tony,

Deborah –  Sorry for the delay! Here are my responses:

Tony – What feelings are connected with my dream animal – fear, anger, love, wisdom

– and in what way is that entering my life?

Deborah – Annoyance and a sense of invasion. In the dream the skunk had made its nest in a one-room house which I had found and rented. When I moved in I was very inspired by and in love with my beautiful new home–until I realized there was a skunk already living there. I think it is related to my anxiety about searching for a living space and also about my new job. In the past I have found myself in many “ideal” situations only to be let down later by unsettling realizations about the circumstances.

Tony – Is this an animal I know in life – if so what are my feelings or experience

of it?

Deborah – A couple of years ago I lived in an apartment on the second floor. A skunk had a made its nest on the ground outside, directly below the bedroom window. In the summer in Los Angeles with no air conditioning and the windows open, there were some terrible nights. That’s the only skunk experience I have had and it was pretty bad.

Tony – What is the dream animal doing, and metaphorically, what is that suggesting?

Deborah – The skunk had made its nest on the perch of a window about 12′ feet up, where I couldn’t reach. It could go in and out of the window, like a doggy door, but in the dream I only remember being inside this one-room house, which had a very high ceiling–maybe 30 feet. The skunk wasn’t bothering me, it was just living there, doing it’s own thing. I suppose it had access to an outside world and heights which I wasn’t visiting, however I was so inspired by the beautiful space and the soaring ceilings I didn’t desire any more than to be left alone there.

Tony – Is the animal asking anything of you, or seeking something?

Deborah – The skunk didn’t seem to notice me or care that I was there. It seemed busy with it’s own little agenda.

Tony – If you feel repulsed or resentful, describe what about.

Deborah – I did feel very resentful, like the skunk had invaded my territory. This is an odd feeling when I think about it, since the skunk was living there first and had more of a right to feel invaded. But I suppose I felt that I had finally found the perfect place to live in and the skunk was just ruining the whole experience.

Tony – Is there any hint of danger or hurt in the dream?

Deborah – The skunk was not dangerous or actively aggressive. In fact it seemed to have almost a nice personality. But I knew that being a skunk it would at some point cause trouble and put up a stink ( and I suppose the pun is intended).

Alright, I hope that is helpful! Would love to hear your insights into dream skunks!

best, Deborah


-Khalil 2012-06-23 5:02:15

Hello I Had a DREAM and In my dream Two Dogs came Near Me and they Both Fell Asleep In My Dream I was Outside in the Snow but it was Not COLD at ALL and One dog Fell asleep and the Other buried itself under the Snow as if it were a blanket and Fell asleep right beside me then Later in the dream I saw a Skunk which looked Wounded Coming towards the Dogs so I Immediately Got Up and Out of the Way and the Skunk Bit CHUNKS out of the Dogs While they were Asleep and the Dogs did NOT Respond I Kept My Distance because I figured the Skunk had Rabies but does that MEAN anything?

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