Example 6 Cannot Die in Dreams

The situation of the dream was that I was in a large motor vehicle with perhaps three or four other men. The vehicle was like a very large lorry or removals van. We were driving along an unpaved road in slightly mountainous or rugged countryside. The countryside was not green with trees but rather bare and perhaps dry. As we were driving along we became aware of a huge vehicle trying to overtake us. This had caterpillar tracks on each side of it like some tanks. It was immensely wide and going very fast. We pulled over as far to one side – the left – of the road as we could to allow it to pass. But as we did so we got too near the edge of the road and went over a precipitous drop. Quite a long period of the dream was taken up with the experience of falling. We seemed almost to go into freefall, a weightless state, because the fall was so long. It was long enough for me to think many thoughts about death, whether death would be instantaneous. I was not aware of any sense of fear or terror, simply an awareness of falling and what it might mean. Then we had crashed and I was still alive. I was standing alone wondering about what had happened. The old wives tale about if you hit the bottom you will die I could see was wrong.

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