Exploring a Dream

By Brenda Blake

I dreamt I was somewhere and was with four Canadian Indian Elders, holding up a baby. They were going to do a heart cleansing ritual. D. my boyfriend and his daughter walked past without noticing the elders and they made their way to a barrier, where I stood on the left. The man behind the barrier spoke about Aberdeen St in Tasmania. I told him I can tell you about Aberdeen street as I used to live there.

Later I explored the dream with Tony. I decided to explore my dream by being the elders – i.e. imagining mysefl as them. As soon as I did I felt the pride and awareness of the native people and the traditional clothes they wore. I could feel the feathers hanging down my back. Then I went deeper into being the elders, and as I stepped into their wisdom, a deep pool of water appeared in a cave behind them. Tony asked if I could enter the pool, which I did with ease, diving deeper and deeper into it. See Being the Person or Thing

NativeAmericanPool As I did this I suddenly felt there were others in the water, and that suddenly had no sense of having body nor did I need one. I was ‘It’, and the wisdom and It was me. I could ask any question from this place where thousands of others existed. For we all were merged together and yet have separate identities, and because of this I shared all their collected wisdom.

I asked about the baby that appeared at the beginning of the dream, and the heart cleansing ritual.

Then I felt as if I became the baby full of life, more than words can explain. Its umbilical cord was still attached and it had this black yucky poison which it had been fed on. As I watched the cord dropped away, one of the elders vomited the black yuck as a release of the poison it had absorbed.

Then I wanted to explore D. and as him I felt his life was full of rules and regulations, and I felt it was also me who had lived in that way. This led me to feel the need to change D. to Adam from a previous dream I  had recently worked on. I realised it was about need to step off the known ground and dare to step onto the unknown.

Then as D’s daughter I felt my head was tight and full of the black mess of my fathers story – his experience of being a soldier in the war and the influence it had on him. I took the daughter into the pool where small  cleaning fish came and was eating all the blackness surrounding her. The barrier was another part of me, a controlling part which I put into the pond too. The man behind the barrier was about the past and I did not feel the need to go there, so he went into the pond along with D. which became part of the ‘Isness’ – The quality of being; existence as something.

Later Brenda wrote the following to me:

Hi Tony , I want to tell you about the ripple effect of the shift that took place after the work we did on the day I left.

So after surrendering to the hell of pain of my father cutting me off, abandoning me, the letting go was difficult, as the child in me felt I could not let it out. The fear of exposure and judgement came up but then I got past that and I screamed as the pain poured out. That allowed the energy in my body to move from my womb area through me up to my head where it released. And my I experienced my pomegranate self. I was full of life’s seeds – how magical!!

Driving on my way back it was as if the links became clearer, I realised that my relationships with men all had the pattern of abandonment. The boyfriend who put the LSD in my coffee was abandoned by his father; my next boyfriend abandoned was abandoned by his mother; even my husband was experienced abandonment because of his mother’s early death. Also, the same with D. whose mother died when he was 15yrs old.

It brought to mind the book Families and How to Survive Them by Robin Skinner and John Cleese, it talks about how we unconsciously ‘window shop’ for partners who fit our patterns. Can we ever get passed that I wonder?

Thank you again for the work we did together, there is no-one I have met who works in the way you do. XXXXXXXXXXX❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tsunami DreamAlso Brenda’s dream and work


 Tsunami  Dream Also Brenda’s dream

I was in a building which felt like a college with huge glass windows, I was walking down a staircase which faced the window. I could see in the distance a Tsunami  coming towards us and I found Collette to tell her. We went to see if we could find a way out for everyone; at the back of the building there was an open area that had an opening with big rocks like a gully. Collette and I agreed it was a way out and Collette went to get the others, but as she did my arm went over the boundary and my hand felt water and I knew it was too late and I went to tell Collette. I felt fear and acceptance that there was nothing I could do.

Working on this dream with Tony who invited me to be the Tsunami, which I did so using the same therapeutic models mentioned in the above dream. i.e. Being the Person or Thing

As the Tsunami I felt expansions in myself, wider, higher and boundless, full of charged energy. Staying with what I was sensing I felt my attention was drawn to something pushing from behind me. I followed that sensation of what was pushing me, it went down my body and continued to go down deep into the earth like a root. As this continued the image came to mind of being in an umbilical cord; I was it and in it I felt sick between my throat and belly. staying with what was happening I felt a black tar like substance it felt like it lined part if the inside of the cord, it was thick and dense and I felt it was something I had been dealing with all my life; it felt it was my mother’s but as I became aware of that thought I knew that it went a long way back to ancestral  or beyond.

I felt emotional, staying with the image and the dense heavy blackness; something started to move in my belly, a bubble type ball of energy came out from the blackness into my hands. I felt like I was the baby inside, holding the energy bringing it out up my body, then taken back in through my mouth like eating its own tail, a complete circle moving slowing down my body transforming the blackness as it went .

I became the Tsunami again and in it I saw that it was like an LSD trip, levels of attachments, what you identify with, like being in a room but you are not a room having things in the room but they are not you having emotional attachment. But you are not those emotions that it can wash away what we/I am, not my attached emotions that I am letting go, but of stories of my self, I am not the story but have lived through it. I am the energy of the Tsunami the energy of everything.

As I made my way home I felt very in the moment waves of people  all colours, cultures  shapes and sizes, on the bus  the conversations behaviours I could see myself in it all  buildings cars traffic lights all connected.

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