Intuition in Dreams

Information that rises to consciousness from a synthesis of your complete memory and experience. Intuition in dreams and awake may also arise from an unconscious contact with the mind of another person, living or dead, or from your contact with the universal mind, or memory of nature, that summarises all experience and knowledge. Such intuition may occur because, as modern physics suggests, the very substratum of our physical existence rests upon sub-atomic particles that in a real sense transcend time and space. When our limited ego touches this timeless self, it leaps beyond the usual barriers of experiencing and knowing.

Our bigger mind speaks to us in much the same way as our ordinary memories come to us. Most of us however, have made something like tapes or recordings in our mind. So when we think, or try to get a new idea, we are often simply replaying something we read or heard or felt in the past. Listening is a way of quietening these tapes so something new can come to us. This is often called intuition, knowing something without someone else telling us or experiencing it through our senses. So when Edgar Cayce examined someone’s body while they were many miles away he was using intuition. See Edgar Cayce

Example: Was looking in a mirror. Suddenly a shadow appeared on it. At first the shadow seemed threatening or frightening. Then I saw it was only a directive, a figure with its arm and hand extended as if pointing. Looking behind me I saw that the shadow was cast by a featureless cat or animal. That is, its head was completely smooth, without eyes or ears. At first I thought it could not see or hear, but then realised it must be able to, as it was pointing to a man out in the rough sea. The man had a lifejacket on, so was in no immediate danger. But the sea was very rough. I went out and brought him in, dried him off, put him in my house to recover, then phoned the police in case they needed to know.

The possible explanation for intuition is subliminal impressions, but it needs to be experienced to be thoroughly believed or understood. In considering how some very intuitive people come by their information, I had never seriously thought of subliminal impressions as likely until I experienced it. The theory states that we are constantly receiving far more information via our senses than is ever recognised consciously. But this in no way describes what it is like to receive this extra information.

 The first time I experienced it was with a feeling akin to shock, the impact was so great. I was at work, cleaning a work top, and four metres away the head of the business was casually talking to one of the employees, a female. Both of them were in their early sixties. The conversation was about the weather, customers, and chit-chat. I was disinterested until, glancing up at them, I realised I was seeing them in a way I had never seen anyone else before. It only lasted for about two or three seconds, but in that short time they told me a great deal about themselves. My senses noticed all the tiny movements of face, hands, and limbs; heard nuances of vocal sound; caught fleeting expressions; and from these many separate pieces of information an overall understanding arose that portrayed to my awareness what emotions and drives moved deep in these two people, causing the tiny ripples of movement on the surface.

I could see these two people were linking to each other with an energetic flow of feeling that did not show in their actual conversation, only in the usually unnoticed small movements and body positions which accompanied it. I could see, much to my surprise, they had formed this link via sexual intercourse.

Later I was able to confirm this observation. The woman in question thought I was psychic when I shared my insight with her, and wondered if I could see other secrets of her life. There was no psychism in this at all, however, only awareness of perceptions gained via my physical senses, which I now presume are available to us all the time if we can tap them. What I understood from it was that before the development of speech as a main form of communication, the human animal, like other animals, communicated via body signals. These were understood as easily as we now understand speech. Over time this ability became unconscious; buried like old roads and pathways. It only now surfaces occasionally unless we try to access it. These usually uncosnciouis impressions are often shown in our dreams.

An explanation arising from Carl Jung’s work is that each of us has strata of consciousness going beyond personal waking awareness. These he called the unconscious and the collective unconscious. The latter is a field of consciousness or awareness we share with all living things, in which your being and my being mingle. See collective unconscious

The future arrives in the second stream: as a time wave from future which arrives as a feeling state. Even though one might “long to grasp what is in the process of becoming” as Lindenberg writes above, one can only experience the feeling which enters one and allows one to make the right decisions, form the right conclusions, etc., all without using any reason. One is unable to grasp cognitively the process of becoming, the process of the entrance of future events, but one can feel the future arriving and it feels good as it “moves into the depths of inwardness.

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-Debbie 2012-02-04 5:13:59

My former boyfriend came to me in dream I think. We had not talked for 2 years. I woke up and there he was in my bedroom. He asked me to please wait for him. My eyes were open as he spoke to me. I sat up and could not believe what just happened. He and I have been in touch since this happened. He ended our relationship to go back to his former girlfriend. I don’t understand why I heard this. Or his it that he desires to be back with me?

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