Leaving Darkness

Something else happened that I want to record, and I’m not sure quite how it occurred. It was a very vivid fantasy in which I believe I was again talking with a being such as a dead friend. It might have been someone who called himself Alumina. What first happened was that I was suddenly shot into a dream state, yet I was still awake.

In this state I had a very distinct image, along with a feeling, of a small bird fluttering close my head. What was incredibly clear and real was the way its wings were fluttering. I could really see and feel that they were not simply waving up-and-down but vibrating at great speed.

The bird kept fluttering near me, and I realised it was trying to attract my attention so I would follow it. So, in fact I did and it led me into a condition of great darkness. I could see or hear nothing. But the bird led on and I trusted it and we came to what was recognisably a dark cave from which were slowly emerging hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. I understood as I saw this that an enormous number of people throughout the world were now emerging from a dark place. I realised that there was the need for many workers to meet them and help them to learn to live life within the light.


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