Menstruation and Dreams


Dream of menstruation prior to puberty

If you dream about this prior to puberty, it suggests your emerging sexual development and procreative drive.  

 For a mature woman your dream is most likely about how you feel and relate to your experiences of menstruation. It could also be revealing aspects of it or physical details of it. 

Menstruation Links with Death and Renewal

 But it may be bring to your awareness unformed or largely unconscious feelings about how you are linked with the process of life, and have within you the splendour of life’s mystery. For a woman this may be particularly potent at times. It connects you with the forces of death and renewal occurring within you during every menstruation. It is a tremendous link with natural forces of mothering and the strength of womanhood and the female principle in the Earth and universe. It is about death and renewal taking place in your body every month.  

 So it suggests an acceptance of the most powerful forces of life working in you if your dream of menstruating is positive – or non acceptance of basic life drives if not menstruating or the dream is negative.

Problems with menstruation

Problems with relationship between what life needs of you personally, and what your personality wants of life; might refer to physical problems which need attention.  

Menstruation in a man’s dream

 This may link with your receptive nurturing nature; the aspect of the male self which can ‘conceive’ creative ideas.

Changes in menstrual cycle

In his book Our Dreaming Mind, Robert van de Castle describes research he did on the subject of menstruation and dreams, with the help of nursing students in Miami. He found that the dreams changed their character with the different phases of the menstrual cycle. Prior to ovulation the dreams showed more male characters appearing. The dreamer showed interest in these males and found them appealing. Women appearing in the dreams of this phase tended to be pushed into the background of the dream events, and were often shown as competing with the dreamer. Following ovulation the dreams tended to depict men as less attractive, and the dreamers feeling some hostility toward them. The women in the dreams were people the dreamer tended to develop working relationships with.  

Castle’s interest in menstruation arose because of his work with the Cunas of the San Blas islands. The Cunas are a people who give a great deal of attention to their dreams. In regard to menstruation Castle says – ‘Menstruation is of central importance to the Cunas. All forms of life were created through the menstruation of the Earth Mother, and the arrival of a girl’s first menstrual period is the occasion for a joyous public announcement and a subsequent four-day feast and celebration. In our culture, the arrival of a girl’s first period is not an event proudly proclaimed to the community.’ See: Pre menstrual tension.  

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