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“When the conditioned ego is broken down, what remains is pure being immersed in the matrix of spacetime. The view that the whole universe vibrates in a quantum mechanical flux becomes apparent and the conditioned queues that the brain uses to arrive at human perceived reality, cease to exist. Since all matter is composed of waves of energy, the artificially imposed boundaries between the “senses” no longer are distinct. That’s why all things appear to move and flow and colors may be smelled or heard. However, the essential experience is the “mystical” knowledge of “feeling” oneness with the universe (God). If all human beings experienced this just once, human consciousness would change for the better irreversibly”. By Patrick Austin

Quantum physics has begun to show that the roots of our being are not in the atom — the material object that led to our view we are only a body that lives and dies. The new view suggests that the very foundation of our being lives beyond time and space. In fact many lucid dreamers appear to experience or explore this condition. This enables them to witness events away from their sleeping body. Out of body and near death experiences are part of lucidity. Quoted from Dream Encylopedia.

We can never finally know what reality is. All we do is give our impressions or to an observable aspect of the world we now through our senses. In seeing and naming it, in some way we create what we call reality. See Inner World

“There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it – from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons – are ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time.” Quoted from The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Quantum theory begins to give a cohesive view of the various phenomena of the universe and the human brain. In doing so it shows how strange and previously scientifically rejected phenomena such as prophetic dreams, verified out-of-body experiences, telekinesis and remarkable healing body transformations can occur.

As far as the present argument is concerned however, the importance of the theory is this. If your dreams represent your whole being, if your body/brain/personality are a projection from a source beyond what you know as time and space, then your real self, your true being, is not what you generally accept. You are at base not a creature influenced by the vagaries of the three dimensional world with its ever changing environment, its birth and death. You are not your body, although you experience its changes. You are not ultimately the heartaches and passions you experience – though you may identify with them deeply. All these things are images on the screen of consciousness, not consciousness itself. See Avoid Being Victims Jesse Watkins Enlightenment

The quality of some dreams suggests they are an expression of your timeless self. They link your timeless self with what you identify with as your body and personality. They link the source with what is projected into time and space. Like the operator of an underwater robot who looks through the lenses of the robot’s eyes, you too may perspire, your heart may race, your spirit feel defeat, as the robot achieves its task, or is threatened or crushed by its environment.

Example: The only way I can describe my dream is to say that it felt as if I am standing in an open space in a town without any other people about. But what I was standing in was the many images, felt threats, fears, longings that assail human beings. So in one sense I was standing in the middle of a dream, and I was surrounded by the images of the felt threats, fears, hopes, that in fact impact on human consciousness every day. They impact in a way that are for many people torments, perhaps even life-threatening, and that for some may lead to suicide. But as I stood in the middle of these things and they came at me one after the other in the form of images, but images that were deeply felt, I was like a burning flame. I don’t mean that I looked like a flame. I mean that as each image impacted on my consciousness it burnt out. I was naked consciousness, and as each form, as each image attacked my nakedness it was burnt away, perhaps by my recognition of it as simply an emotion, a feeling, an image that in itself was a passing show of things.

I don’t think I have ever before felt such an amazing feeling as that magical sense of being able to stand amidst anything and everything that came towards me and yet remaining as pure, naked awareness.

This led me on to looking at, or wondering, why, as human beings we should be so dominated by images and imagery. In particular I was thinking about how our culture, and how we as individuals, are so manipulated by the images that are thrust at us day after day week after week, and year after year. The images of the big powerful male, the beautiful female, big tits and perfect teeth, the whole business.

So many things happened here it is difficult to remember them all and to record them in any sort of real sequence. But it seemed to me, and it was an incredibly powerful experience to find my way through, that the influence of the images deeply pervade us. It leads to a culture in which millions of human beings are led to want the next gadget, it leads millions of us into a consumer society where we constantly feel the need to get something, to buy something, to be a consumer.

But also, at the end of burning through all the imagery, and the recognition of what an extraordinary thing that was, I stood in the middle of something that I did not at first recognise and so was once more caught up in. What I mean by this is that my nakedness burnt through image after image, emotion after emotion, but suddenly one came that appeared to be real to me and so I was carried along by it, became lost in it. And what I became lost in was the sense of purposelessness that I see as underlying much of our culture, and also one of the big driving forces in being consumers. In imagery this was like looking around and seeing okay, I am this naked consciousness, but so what? Here I stand in the middle of rather grubby and ugly streets and houses. Here I exist in the middle of a culture whose games have no great quality to excite me. Is that all I am? Is there nothing else?

What is important here is that for many of us the meaninglessness, the purposelessness, is as real as bricks and mortar.

The experience of being naked awareness, of burning through image after image, feeling after feeling, viewpoint after viewpoint, left a great impression. Out of it realisations were emerging. The major one was that there is no danger in being awake in ones dreams, but one must beware, or be aware of, the fact that sometimes, as happened with myself in meeting the feeling of pointlessness, one can become possessed by the image, at least for a while. When that happens the image, the emotion, the viewpoint takes on a concrete reality, a supreme sense that there is nothing beyond it. Perhaps a way of describing this is to say that if you could imagine that you are standing in an open space, and by some trick of technology an image of a house is built around you, with walls, furniture, windows, etc. If you can imagine that you discover in imagery that the doors are locked, then you are completely trapped. But you are trapped by nothing but what you take to be real.

Perhaps the central secret of this is that what happens in life and in our dreams is that what we do tend to see as real what is created out of our own mind stuff. It is created out of our own emotions, our own fears and hopes. There is no way out of that unless we recognise the material it is made out of it is the energy of consciousness.

This is so like the ending scenes in the film Matrix, that I am sure whoever wrote the script had a profound awareness of this. The hero of Matrix breaks through the surface appearance of things and enters into the very programming of the apparent world around him. This is what happens when we wake up to what underlies all our experience whether as a physically external world, or as our own dream world.

The point is that whatever we believe we are; whatever we believe the world is; it becomes that because we create it out of our mind stuff. I am not suggesting that the external world is a figment of our imagination. What I am saying is that our feelings about it, our perception of it, are shaped by our own innate nature. Truly, the Buddhist search for Moksha, or freedom/liberation, does arise by recognising that all experiences are a play of consciousness.

Perhaps the central secret of this is that what happens in life and in our dreams is that what we do tend to see as real what is created out of our own mind stuff. It is created out of our own emotions, our own fears and hopes. There is no way out of that unless we recognise the material it is made out of it is the energy of consciousness – our own thoughts, beliefs and convictions.

If these new age, forward thinking quantum physicists, think that consciousness exists outside the brain, well the implications are staggering. (It’s old hat, we have been seeing and experiencing it for yonks – Sir Auckland Geddes, an eminent British Anatomist, describes his own OBE, which contains many of these features. He died in 1954.)

Becoming suddenly and violently ill with gastro-enteritis I quickly became unable to move or phone for help. As this was occurring I noticed I had an ‘A XE “A” ’ and a ‘B’ consciousness. The ‘A’ was my normal awareness, and the ‘B’ was external to my body watching. From the ‘B’ self I could see not only my body, but also the house, garden and surrounds. I need only think of a friend or place and immediately I was there and was later able to find confirmation for my observations. In looking at my body, I noticed that the brain was only an end organ, like a condensing plate, upon which memory and awareness played. The mind, I saw, was not in the brain, the brain was in the mind, like a radio in the play of signals. I then observed my daughter come in and discover my condition, I saw her telephone a doctor friend, and saw the doctor also at the same time.  

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