Prediction and dreams

The ability to predict is an expression of the human supersenses. As humans we have an unconscious ability to read body language – so can assess other humans very quickly. Humans have an unimaginable ability to absorb information, not simply from books, but from everyday events. With it we constantly arrive at new insights and realisations. Out of this massive information we frequently correctly predict the future – not out of a bizarre ability, but from the information gathered about the present. All these abilities and more show in our dreams.

Seeing the future

However, at times our inner ability to look at the future jumps way beyond the usual process of predicting from what is known of the present and the past. Quantum physics begins to give us evidence that we live in the midst of a universe that is far more amazing than we have ever previously thought. We live in some ways as co-creators of this universe. But we each have a phenomenal potential. We each have possibilities beyond anything we can imagine. As human beings we haven’t even begun to really explore that potential and to use it in our everyday life. Part of this potential is an ability to transcend the usual way we relate to time and space, as show in some dreams in which the seemingly unknown future is clearly shown. See PrecognitionESP in DreamsUsing Your Intuition


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