Prophetic Dream of the Coming Years

Visions In The River Of Dreams

On January the third of 2003 I experienced a wonderful and prophetic dream.

I dreamt I was walking outdoors at night. I had the sense that I was in the small country town in which I was born, but the physical features of the place were different. I believe I was walking along a road, possibly with someone else. I glanced up at the sky and was amazed how clearly the stars were visible. And as I looked I saw something that I had never seen before. Across the sky, from the horizon on my left to the horizon on my right, massive concentrations of stars formed stylised running figures. These great figures resembled human shape, and suggested to me that they were running across the sky. Their shape suggested a beautiful flowing movement of running or dancing. I felt it was a great pageant of life, ancient and wonderful. The figures expressed something that I find difficult to put into words, but nevertheless were very moving at a deep level of my being.

The dream so caught at my feelings and curiosity I have meditated on it, explored it, and generally pondered on it for six months. In June of this year the gates to the dream suddenly opened for me, and a torrent of experience and realisation poured into consciousness.

Below is my vision in the river of dreams, and my meeting with the Star Beings.

As the gates of my dream opened I became aware of meeting actual beings. I knew in a direct way that these beings were the very substance and processes of our universe. Literally, the air we breathe, the water we drink is a part of their ‘bodies’. But we must not think of them as like us in the way we have a body. I was reminded at that point of the statement in Genesis where it says, God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

God says, “Let us” and that is plural. He does not say I will. And in the same way that I sensed these great beings, I also knew that these beings were there from the beginning of time. We see them as the processes, the laws, the manifestation of our universe, and locally our solar system and earth. I also felt that these beings are described in astrology. In other words astrology attempts to define what they are and their influence in the cosmos and in our lives. Unfortunately we have a degraded and limited view of this. But literally they are our parents, and shape our body and life. It is difficult to conceive of beings whose very body is the world around us and the sky and stars. This is why I saw them in the dream as having a body of stars and dancing across the night sky. In the dream I sensed them as a cavalcade of life — ancient life. And that was an actual awareness of them, because they are the very pageant of life and death.

As I became aware of them I knew also that they were asking something of us, something that we were not giving. If we listen, they are telling us that there are shifts going on that will require something of us, something more than we are giving as a race. If we are not capable of giving it, then our time is nearing an end. Of course, what we have already done and lived will be absorbed if we cannot meet the shifts that will take place, that are already beginning to take place.

The message I receive from the ancient beings, the Star Beings, is that the time of the bull and the lion is approaching. This is simply a cycle just as summer and winter are cycles.

And I am shown that the lion represents what we can call the carnivore. The carnivore lives off the weak or the sick. It pulls down what is old or decrepit. In the terms of the Star Beings it represents processes or forces that pull down those things in society and in the world that are ailing, that are weak, that are not flowing with the energy of life. This force pulls down what is sick — the degenerative parts of society and of the world.

The bull, as in the ancient Mediterranean world, represents the Earth Shaker. In its most physical sense it depicts earthquakes. But it is really about forces that shake the world making weak structures crumble. So the lion and the bull together suggest incredibly powerful forces acting upon society and the world. Things that do not have a good foundation, things that are degenerate, diseased or weak are gradually cleansed. In a way, what is weak shakes itself to bits through its own internal energy because of the energy playing upon it.

I have the sense that large companies, social structures, governments, if they want to survive need to employ a seer. The seer is not one to look at market forces, to consider the rise and fall of the Dow Jones, but to have access to those wider processes that underlie these shorter smaller cycles. They look at the tides of life. The rising and falling of influences acting upon all of us.

This is rather like having weather reports. If a ship knows a storm is coming it can pull into harbour, or make adjustments so it can meet the changing circumstances.

There are major changes coming about. This is not to be thought of in anyway as retribution, as a judgment. It is simply a change of season. They are the processes of nature. If you were a tree and your leaves fell off, you might cry out, “Is this retribution? Oh God, all my leaves have fallen off! They all turned brown and fell off. And now look at me?”

That is not retribution it is simply a change in the season. And because if we are not a  part of the life process, if we have cut ourselves of from Life then it will be a hard time.

Whatever cow we fed in the good season — whatever cow we fed in that season — we now need to be ready to milk it.

To remain a living process on our earth, we have to become a part of the living process of the cosmos. We are so self-centred we do not look around and see that our very existence has arisen out of the processes of nature and the cosmos. These great Star Beings are our parents our mother and father, and that is the real meaning of honouring ones mother and father – if we do not then we become dead things and what we create has the nature of death in it. Nature never wastes anything. If something is not expressing the flow of life — if it becomes disconnected from that flow — then it develops the power of self-destruction so its energies can pass back into the flow of things. And that is what our way of life has within it — the power of self-destruction.

I asked the Star Beings what is required of us. The response was that we must be custodians. That is all that is asked of us, that we be custodians of the life around us. That is all that was ever required of us. This is also clearly stated in Genesis where it says, “and let them have dominion over the birds of the sky” etc. However, in the original Hebrew text the word “over” is not used. The word used is “in”.

This is a very important difference, and what I was being told by my awareness of these beings, was that our custodianship was as an awareness within the processes of nature, of life. To be, as it were, workers in the vineyard of life, helping nature and the earth to manifest its potential, and in doing so realising our own potential — co-workers in the process of creation.

As humans we have the almost miraculous gift of self-awareness, and awareness that can look back upon our own nature and discover its roots in eternity and processes of life. But hardly any of us use this gift as it can be used. We are all so busy grasping for ourselves, living our own lives and maintaining our separateness. This gift of self-awareness enables us to wake up in the different levels of nature, to become aware of the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. All of these are within our own being through the process of our own evolution. Instead of looking around and recognising our place in the scheme of things, we make of ourselves little castles, little guarded citadels cut off from life. We create small defended territories from which we grab everything we can.

What do we give back?

This is what present day astrology has not told us. It is out of these beings, their vitality, their essence, that we have our life and our existence. They are the gods. In genesis, where it says, “Let us,” the word used is Elohim. In “The Chaldean Account of Creation” by George Smith, among the translations of the Babylonian tablets containing the story of creation, one tablet begins: “When the ‘gods in their assembly’ had created.” This is very much the meaning of Genesis. These great beings, given the title of gods in older civilisations, are intelligent processes linked to and expressive of the One.

These beings are our real mother and father. This is why we sometimes feel so lost. Finding our “heavenly” parents is a real homecoming. Acknowledging them is a return to love and kinship. How often do we look at our physical parents and feel, “Are they really my parents? Have I really emerged from them? They don’t even really understand who I am.”

Modern astrology is a real sham. It doesn’t help us to connect with this underlying harmony and find our place in the cosmic scheme of things. It has become a type of fortune telling, a parade, and entertainment. So often it is advertised in connection with your “love stars” — a sort of erotic titillation. It’s true nature is far beyond that. It is a story in symbols of our emergence from these great beings, and a statement of the part they play in the changes and processes of life on earth and social events.

I felt that perhaps in our own age we prefer to see these ancient beings as processes in the cosmos and in nature. But I sensed that the air we breathe, the water we drink, is an emanation of their being — and we poison it. People don’t even drink that wonderful essence, that wonderful flowing blood of life from the ancient beings. We don’t drink water in general. We drink tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks, whatever is artificial and poured out of a factory, rather than the pure liquid flows from the earth. People want to take into themselves something polluted something artificial.

Even wine was originally just the juice of the grape. It was the fluid, the blood that runs out of the grape when you crush it. The juice of the grape is its life that it gives you freely. It is the blood of its being it lets flow and gives to you. It does this to perpetuate its seed. But this act of survival is done in a way of self-giving. That is why the grape and its juice has become a symbol of the eternal life, the blood of Christ, the love that flows out to us from God and from the ancient beings. They constantly give of their body to us. The grape is therefore a symbol of our relationship with God.

I realise that I have been a watcher of the river of dreams. I have stood on the bridge over the river of dreams and seeing visions in the flow. I have seen the essence of human life in the river. Seen its pain and its wonder, its struggle and its triumph, its destiny. I have swum in that river and dived into the ocean of life. There in the ocean I met the great beings.

The influence of these great beings passes through various configurations. It is out of this shifting change that human destiny arises. Events take shape in the earth and in the cosmos itself. The ancient beings are the very processes of life and death. They are the seeds of life and form. They are creation and destruction.

When our present culture looks back on the gods, such as those in the Roman or Greek pantheon, we tend to give them ridiculous imagery. They portray them as human beings, with all their jealousies and foibles, who yet have great powers and are long-lived. This is quite ridiculous. These ancient beings want nothing of the sort. The state of their existence is almost beyond our imagining. They have existed since the beginning of time and taken part in the very creation of our universe. They are the weavers of worlds. But in wholeness there is not only creation — there is also destruction, the breakdown of the old and the rebirth of the new.

The ancient beings are the regulators of all that we see around us. They are the forces that keep balance.

Out of these beings we have our existence. The uniqueness of who we are arises from a particular interweaving of their influences. Out of that we make of choices in life. Because we are born from such parents, we to have godlike powers innate in us. But are choices are such that we often diminish ourselves. We deny whole areas of our being. We crush the animal in us. We stamp out the vegetative forces, and even deny that we have a spiritual nature. It is only as we accept our wholeness that the door to our wider life opens. This also is hinted in genesis where God brings before Adam all the creatures to be named. This is because Adam — humanity — has in it all that manifests in the natural world.

Because we are the children of life, because we are inextricably interwoven with processes of life, unless we consciously become a part of that we become distressed as a person, out of phase, and begin to die psychologically and emotionally. With the distress of individuals comes the distress of society and the world. That is when the force of self-destruction takes over to destroy what is not an expression of life. Despite this, the very core of our being is still the stuff of eternity. But the damage is so extreme in our culture and in our education that hardly any of us realise as an experience that we are of the eternal. We may read it, we may think it, but we do not know it as an experience.

As already said, these Elohim are our real mother and father. It is because of this that one of the commandments says: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which Yahweh your God gives you.” Put in a simple way it is only out of nature as a whole that we have life. Not only does nature feed us at its breast through the plants and the animals, the sunshine and the rain, but also our culture feeds us and nourishes the development of us as a person. Out of all that our sense of myself as an independent person arises. Unless they acknowledge our roots in this way we have cut off our identity from what gives it life. That is sickness. That is self-destruction. It is a doorway that is open to us if we so choose. The conservation of energy is — self-destruct. Return the energy to its source to be used again.

If is that is all your life means to you — if that is all your suffering means to you — that you wish to self-destruct, that you are not ready to feel the pleasure and suffering of your life and hand it over to the spirit within you to be transformed, then you have closed the door to your eternal life. The key to all this is to experience life fully, with daring, with courage. This is the meaning of the parable of the talents. If we have that ability, that courage, to feel deeply, to suffer, to laugh, to live and love, then we leapt the gap between our own individual existence and that magnificent experience of co-operating in creation. Such is the ideal of unconditioned love. That despite any pains of love we still continue to give our love away. In fact it is not ours to overhaul grasp or possess. It is only when we realise and lived this that our life becomes a part of nature itself. When we know that and live it then jump the gap. Life itself, in its own magnificence, in its own agony of giving itself to us constantly, continues to love.

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-AT 2016-04-06 4:33:16

I use to dream a lot about night skies filled with brilliant stars, how they move, glimmer and form shapes, some times really beautiful, and sometimes how galaxies seem to be at war, with shootings etc. It frightens me, and how I’m standing and watching helplessly and in fear. I believe in alien existence. Is this about this belief or are there more about these dreams? Pl write to me if you can. Thank you. Roy

-Terra 2013-05-05 22:57:07

I am thoroughly enjoying your website! This particular article was fascinating. It reminds me of an experience I had a few months ago. I often have dreams where I feel an immense amount of sadness. After a particular dream with this feeling I dove into through meditation and brought up childhood memories. I began crying, letting it all out then after a while I calmed down and became very relaxed. A voice then spoke to me and said, “the stars are beautiful at night.” Then there were stars in the night sky and an old and wrinkly native american man. A feather headdress faded in and out, so did his face with eyes like those of Nicaraguense children who are so innocent and live such tough lives (I was in nicaragua at the time). He was by a fire, he sharpened a spear head on a wooden stick then pointed it up at the stars and said, “it’s in the stars, your path, you will find your way.” Next he sat next to the fire and i mumbled a rather incoherent question and maybe he understood. He brought his hand to his heart, “it’s in here, you’re not a lost bird.” I understood and cried. I saw him smile with great joy and I came out of it. I reflected on it and realized that all those times in the past when I felt so alone, sad and angry…I wasn’t alone, my spirit guides were with me. Anyways, I’ve had other dreams related to stars and they are always very calming. By the way, I am quarter navajo but my mother was adopted so I have no connection to this side of our heritage. I look forward to exploring your website , there is a plethora of knowledge here. Namaste

    -Tony Crisp 2013-05-12 12:48:52

    Terra – Thank you for sending such an interesting dream. Also it is fascinating how your dream explained its meaning as you dreamt it – a rare gift.

    As your wise Native American teacher said, “You are not alone. It’s is in here”. In my most wonderful moments I have felt the truth of that. Everything is held within us – EVERYTHING.


-Randall 2013-02-10 19:55:59

I opened a drawer to an old wood chest in the garage and found this dusty book. I brushed some dust off of it and went back into the house to look through it. I noticed the title was about dreams so I casually fanned through the pages only scanning. For fun, I tried to look up some symbols I had seen in my dream without any real luck. I have always believed that we are the best ones to interpret our own dreams based on how we know ourselves.

I wanted to see if the author was legitimate or something about their background. I am cautious in that way because there is so much information. So I read some in the book and then google searched for you.

I read a brief history on your biography. Did you know my father was also born premature and saved by his grandmother. Dad said she used coffee and crackers. Somehow it saved him. There was no doctor present.

As I was skimming through the pages, I came across the dream of yours. It is fascinating.

You could be onto something here. Once again I am cautious, and I was raised as a Christian. So, I appreciate your mentioning of the scriptures. However, it does seem obvious that the institutions of man in our markets and social situations are being strained. I always wonder where is mankind heading and also try to keep things in perspective on how I am either contributing or hurting the process.

I just read your article here about Prophetic dream of the coming years.

It was interesting. Thanks

    -Tony Crisp 2013-02-11 9:14:59

    Randall – I honestly feel that dreams, if explored and not interpreted, are the greatest education you can get. They are not an easy route, but they are wonderful and adventurous. Did you see –


      -Randall 2013-02-12 1:08:06


      I read the story. It has a lot of ideas. I can tell you have developed this openness. As you know, many of us only have moments of that sort of clarity. I had been taught that every person needs to find a quiet place to just clear their mind and think. This helps to counteract many of the forces that constantly barrage us every day. I truly don’t understand many of my dreams but I do think they are designed to help us regulate our lives. I have noticed images can cause a dream. For instance, if you see something on television and dream about it.

      I seldom understand my more serious dreams, but have felt great relief for some reason after having them. The only recurring dream I have ever had since a child was this special ability I had. In the dream, I can jump once and from their continue to stay in the air moving forward, observing the world around me. Many times it was just a gift. One time it ended in a nightmare. I looked down at the ground and it was covered by snakes. When I lost faith and got scared, I would sink to the ground. Then jump again, then momentarily touch the ground until it became so frightening I woke in a scream. I have had some other wierd ones too but that one is the most recurring. I haven’t had that dream in many years though. A few other dreams that stick in my mind are the ancient mountain, the surgery, and the stay overnight.

      The ancient mountain, I am sleeping in this beautiful green grass at the base of this ancient fertile mountain with black smooth rock , ferns, waterfalls, springs. Then i awake with people having some sort of war and shooting guns at each other.

      The surgery, I am laying on a table an raising up with trembling shivers, the dream ends when I see the nurses face. Her face is a beatiful woman’s face but she looks like a character from batman.

      The stay overnight dream came when I was studying the scriptures. I was sleeping on a cot in what appeared to be some big room for people in transient. One of the old gentlemen working there asked me, what in the world are YOU doing here. I told him I was trying to find the Lord. Then he seemed very satisfied with my answer.

      Sorry, I typed so much. I got a little carried away.

        -Tony Crisp 2013-02-17 10:31:28

        Randall – Just a couple of things to say because as usual I am trying to keep up with posts.

        The first thing is that things you see in a dream do not cause a dream. Dream use images from waking life because they first into and explain the theme of the dream. It is like plant takes up water and mineral not because it is a stimulus from outside, but because the plant needs them for its growth. Research on this shows it.

        You can fly without jumping. Have you read ? It shows the influence of fear – snakes – on your flying and dreams. Also how as children we often learn to fly.

        See –


-lorraine 2011-05-06 10:22:48

Bells are ringing in my head. You are able to express truths that resonate deep inside me.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-13 14:15:02

    Lorraine – I would love to call you as your address suggests

    I lived in Oz for over a year and loved it but also couldn’t find work there. I started a dream group in Melbourne. We were going to meet weekly. The second week only one person turned up. I guess they didn’t like what I was doing.

    I am so glad you feel a link with the predictions . I have been putting them in front of people for many years. I think it is vital people are ready for massive change.


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