Prophetic dreams

From Dreaming Mind – Aberfan. On October 21, 1966, apparently a clear precognitive dream was that of a young girl, Eryl Mai Jones. She often tried to tell her mother about her dreams, but her mother tended to dismiss them. One morning, however Eryl Mai got her mother to listen to one of her dreams. In her dream, “We go to school but there is no school there; something black has come down all over it.”

She told her mother “I’m not afraid to die, Mommie. I’ll be with Peter and June.” When the huge slag deposit slid down on the school two days later, Eryl Mai, Peter, and June were among the 118 children crushed or buried alive.

Many modern physicists, working with the information arising in experiments with quantum theory, tell us that our view of the world is based upon our blindness, and is very limited, and through its limitation, unreal. Yet this view we take to be the REAL universe. Some of the latest thinking in connection with physics states that a careful examination of the phenomena underlying the physical world suggests that we can never finally know what reality is. All we do is give a name or definition to an observable aspect of the phenomena, and in observing and naming it, in some way we create what we call reality.

So the argument which surrounds dreams – do they have an innate meaning – may be relevant to every aspect of our daily life. To quote Gary Zukav, ‘Quantum mechanics is the theory. It has explained everything from subatomic particles to transistors to stellar energy. It has never failed. It has no competition.’ The implications of the theorem are enormous. Something can be in two places at once. Apparently distant objects, or people, are intricately linked in an immediate way. There is no separate existence as we previously thought.

Our view of the world is not one supported by the facts of physics. Time and space are transcended. David Bohm, an eminent physicist, goes as far as to say that all things in our observable universe are inextricable linked. Nothing has separate existence. Therefore, when examining the model of our mind, the way we think and believe, we need to leave space on one of the walls of our mind for a door. It needs to be a door that opens onto a different sort of universe than the one we may previously have felt to be solid reality. It is a universe that alters its appearance – no, its very nature – according to the way we observe it. Each question we ask of the universe, each attitude with which we approach it, each viewpoint we take, reveals to us a different universe.

The universe is therefore not separated from us. We are intimately a part of it, and are participating in it. In some way the universe is constantly being created by us as participants. It seems as likely too, that we the participants are constantly being created by the universe, because we interact with each other – you and the universe.

Also the past is not set in concrete. In some mysterious way it is linked with what we do in the present. Therefore seeing the future in a dream is just common sense with this theory in mind. The same applies to so called astral projection, which is no projection at all, but simple tuning into what we already know because we can be in two places at the same time – in fact time is not the same – “There is no separate existence as we previously thought”.

But a statement from the science documentary says, “I want to tell you about the universe – I want to tell you how the future creates the past which then creates the future.” See 

An example of this is given by Sir Auckland Geddes, a surgeon and one time British ambassador to the U.S., gives a brilliant description of such an experience showing how time and space are no longer the same in this condition.

Becoming suddenly and violently ill with gastro-enteritis he quickly became unable to move or phone for help. As this was occurring he noticed two levels of awareness. One was normal sensory awareness in his body; the other was external to his body. From the external self he could see not only his body, but also the house, garden and surrounds. He needed only think of a friend or place and immediately he was there and was later able to verify what he saw.

In looking at his body, he noticed that the brain was only an end organ, like a condensing plate, upon which memory and awareness played. The mind, he said, was not in the brain, the brain was in the mind, like a radio in the play of signals. He then observed his daughter come in and discover his condition, saw her telephone a doctor friend, and saw the doctor also at the same time.

His observation was that in the lucid condition one can be ‘here’ and ‘there’ at the same time. We live in the past present and future, but our body senses can only deal with being locked in time and space – and remember that time and space were created immediately after the Big Bang began. See: esp and dreams; foresight – foreseeing death of relatives; precognitionThere is a Huge Change Happening.

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